Friday, September 9, 2011

Looking Back!!

 These are some of the earliest pictures I took when I got my D-90.  I took pictures of EVERYTHING that moved during those first few weeks. 
 I am so glad I did.  I look at them now and am amazed at where we are today.  The kids look so different, our life is so different and I feel so different.  All good things!!  I remember these days when Jack was just 3, Lucy just 2 and Priscilla 6 months old..Emily was 7 and I thought I had a great big kid on my hands.

Now as I look at the kids and consider their ages I think everyone is SO much older now...Jack 5, Lucy 4, Priscilla 2.5 , Molly 8 and Emily almost 10!!  And as things start to feel a little less "hard" I am about to welcome a new baby to these many pictures.  Will it ever be that hard again???  Will it ever be as hard as it was when Jack was 1 and Lucy was just born.  Jack did not walk until he was 17 months old quickly after he began walking I was pregnant with Priscilla...That was hard!! 
 I am reminded frequently that things can still be pretty hard.  Yesterday the older kids had an open house to go to for a new program we are starting.  It was a long morning and by the time I left I thought I was going to never leave my house with Lucy and Priscilla again.  They were very...2 and 4 yesterday and I was hot (like sweating my brains out hot) and not up for the task.  Then we got home got everyone settled and had a GREAT afternoon.  Looking at these pictures are just such clear reminders that things do move by so quickly and once you move on..there is no moving back!!
But here we are right now..these 2 girls growing up and older each moment.  The little kids SLOWLY moving out of being  little kids. I have had my camera for 2 years now and I love looking back over all that has happened since those first pictures I took.  I have a lot more pictures in me and I can't wait to see them!!

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  1. We have to same camera and LOVE it! You have the most beautiful family and you are right it goes way to fast!