Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Ginny!!

 First let me say I was going to write you an e-mail ..then I thought I would probably not spend time including pictures in the e-mail, so I thought I would just be lazy and put my e-mail RIGHT HERE for all the world to we go!!
 Thanks so much for the skinny on the Berryville Fiber Fest..we had such a fun time. Pete was excited to go and my parents came with us.  We packed a lunch for all so I could squeeze every last $$ for the yarn I knew I would want. 
 Man that place had yarn!  As you know I just recently got the desire to start knitting again and this was  great kick-off weekend.  First I went to Fiber Space in Alexandria on Saturday and bought some great yarn for a shawl like project that I got suckered into falling in love with.  The samples the knitters in that store wear are so STINKING cute!!  Anyway, the lady who made the yarn I bought was there and it felt fun to have her help me pick it out!! 
 Then I bought some yarn to do a cable hat.  I don't know why I walked out of the store with NOTHING I went in there for..but that is what I do...I get distracted with all the shiny yarn and cool projects.  I casted on the shawl project last night and am super excited that I actually may be able to do this project.
 I think I am a better knitter than I am so sometimes I bite off more than I can really do!!  That is why I did not buy the yarn for the pants you sent me the pattern for.  I am afraid.  What if I can't do the crotch(not a great word..but the only one I could use for this purpose) right? 
 Well, anyway after the small bit of success I had last night with this new pattern I decided that today I would buy the yarn for the pants and the vest I want to make for the baby!!  I found me some yarn...hand dyed right there in front of us.  We all watched the magic happen...super fun!!  I am going to make some baby pants with the yarn we watched get cool is that???
 I also found a blanket I want to make but I walked away without buying the yarn for it.  I am kicking myself, which I knew I would do.  I choked..yarn is PRICEY!!  Having this much fun adds up and I was not able to part with more money by the time I found this yarn and blanket pattern.
 But guess what??  The same yarn lady will be there next weekend at the NEXT fiber festival.  Maybe ..just maybe!!
 Going to the fiber Festival was really meet some cool people doing some cool stuff.  One yarn lady had 10 children and she lives in Tennesee, she makes and dyes her own yarn.  People do the coolest stuff!! I forgot to get her card...which is a big bummer because she had some amazing stuff.  But really, it is all amazing!
 It was a little hot walking around, but no rain so we were thankful.  Emily got stung by a bee and bought a 7$ stuffed animal.  The stuffed animal was made from Alpaca  was pretty cool. I usually don't allow MORE stuffed animals in the house..but I got caught up in Alpaca love and we now own a sweet little SOFT stuffed alpaca!
 So this here is MY yarn!!  So cool!!
 She dyes it all from natural plant products...this is Indigo!  It is a little smelly right now but after Priscilla wakes up I am going to go buy Dreft to GENTLY wash it !!
One day I hope to show you the CUTE pants I have made from this wonderful yarn..until then I need me some help..maybe a day of NO SCHOOL is in order for tomorrow??  I don't want to be a bad influence but this knitting bug has bit me hard and I am back to thinking, eating, breathing ALL THINGS KNITTED and what better place to go than your knitting castle??


  1. You have me thinking that maybe I need to brave the fiber festival next weekend, even though Jonny won't be able to come with me.
    Call me about getting together this week. It doesn't take much to convince me to take a day of school.

  2. Must be something in the air....I too have been bitten by the knitting bug and have become consumed this week...and I don't have a wonderful festival to go to...but I do have an adorable knitting store that provides great classes, so I enrolled in a hat class and am learning how to knit on circular needles and double points! I will be checking back to see what you have made!