Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clean House Or Not

 The other day I was talking to my friend who was sharing some concerns over her not having the time to keep up with her house the way she used to.  She even went on to write a beautiful post about it..
 I told her that I totally get it but she should not feel like she has to apologize for her house being lived in.  But then I went on to explain that I too apologize for my house sometimes.
 Not because it is messy (Pete is a huge neat guy and he helps make our home pretty neat ALL THE TIME!!) but because it is new...BRAND NEW!!
 It is so foolish, but I like old things.  I like things that have history and a bit of a built in energy.  I like things to look a little.."lived in".  This wonderful home we bought is BRAND SPANKING NEW and sometimes I feel like I have to apologize for that.
 When a couple of moms came over the other day and they wanted to see the whole house I found myself explaining WHY we bought a brand new house...like I was saying...sorry.  I can even go as far as pointing out things I don't like in order to..I don't know what...I just feel like I need to.
 I am not sorry I live here.  I still like old stuff and when I get my act together I will start to sand edges and paint things to feel more like..the way I want them..lived in.
 I still would love to have an old farm house on some land. But for now I love having door knobs that don't fall off and wood floors with no holes or splinters in them.
 And sometimes it gets even more awkward when people say.."Your house is so neat too..."  Then I really pull out the stories and explanations.."Well, Pete is a pretty tidy guy and I could not do it without him"..or "You should have been here 2 hours ago..the place was a wreck."
 And then I really try to sway people when I tell them.."Really..we are just tidy people.  I am not a huge fan of actually cleaning..but I am constantly putting stuff away."  So really I tell people that we are really very dirty..just neat looking. I guess it makes me feel better to have people leave my house thinking less of me...
 Why do we do this?  Why do seek approval or demand disapproval of others??
 All I really know is when you come to my BRAND NEW house I will try not to talk you out of liking it.  When you say.."You guys are really neat!" I will not bring you to my closet to prove that I too live with messes....
 I am me.  We are us and I love that you are you and that I see different things when I go to your house!!
 Being happy with where you are and what you have is a struggle...things always look better when they are not your problem.
And next time you come over just know that I am so glad you are here because I like to visit and have people over..clean house or not!!


  1. I am so glad to see the candy corn cake in this post! I know how much you love Halloween and it makes me smile thinking back to your first Halloween with 2 week old Emily. :-) Enjoy the changing weather, it is such an amazing time of year up here! Holli

  2. The reason I love your blog is how I can relate to everything you say and you make it seem okay. I love the sense of humor you have. On the two or three occasions a year that I have my house super clean and not just "picked up", I find myself saying exactly what you say...

    And on the topic of old verses new...since we've been married, we've lived in old houses and I love their character....I love my house and the effort I've put into it to "make it mine". But....there is something to be said for a laundry room where the washer and dryer are right next to each other and not across the dark basement (something I never had and probably won't)...and when I have to carry the laundry up three flights of steps to put my clothes in the attic because our closet in our room is too small I dream of a ranch style house. But all in all..you said it best...we have to be happy where we are and not make apologies...and where I'm at is pretty darn good! It makes me very thankful (dirt and all).

  3. CUTE Cake!!!!!!! I'm notorious for the whole apology thing--right after it's out of my mouth I'm like, "oops" in my head of course. We have a small older home that we've modernized a bit--content where we are but that doesn't mean it's necessarily where we will always remain. . .