Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Accidently Unplugged

 Last Friday I threw a MAJOR temper tantrum.  And as I know Pete will read this..he will AGREE 100%.  Our Internet got cut off because of some bull dozer action that was happening next door to us.  I was HOT at COMCAST and wanted someone to pay.
 And if I were a sensible woman I would admit that my hormones may have had a small bit to do with this ridiculous reaction.  But I was not willing to admit this because it was SO OBVIOUS to everyone but me.  However, unplugged we were ALL WEEKEND.
 I may have gotten a few extra things done around here and spent a little less money on Amazon over the last 5 days.  I was able to spend a few extra minutes doing nice things that I sometimes overlook.  And I will admit to getting to bed on time. But it was really hard to not have any way of getting information..no weather...no emails...I did find it weird to be like.."I'll see how much that is on Amazon.." and then be like.."There is no Amazon!!" 
So that is where I have been lately...busy doing LOTS of other things with no computer humming along side me as I went about my day.  And in my head I have formulated so many amazingly WONDERFUL plog posts...but tonight this is what I have in me...an explanation and a promise for better plogs in the future!!

p.s. I wrote a friend post a few weeks ago and I have to say thank you to all my WONDERFUL friends who reached out to tell me they cared.  It was an unexpected result of a few wondering thoughts.  I am so lucky and I felt so touched by your words.  I miss ALL of you and I think I may have made a friend here.  Pete thinks I was a little pushy when I sent her home with Hunger Games and asked her to PROMISE me she read it...  Can you blame me???  It was a good book and every busy mom needs a good book in her life to get her further behind in her work...

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