Thursday, September 29, 2011

This Is The Guy You Want To Marry

 Our home school is a little different for us this year.  The 3 older kids are going to a day long classical mentoring program.  It is Catholic based and run similar to Classical Conversations.  The point of me telling you that is we have one day a week when I feel like my kids go to REAL school.
 There are lunch boxes to pack, back packs to fill, water bottles topped off and whatever else happens in the early morning hours in each home.  This is our 3rd week and rhythm is setting most ways..
 I'm a prep the night before gal. So on Wednesday nights I have EVERYONE take out clothes, socks, shoes and whatever else they are wearing and have it ready to go.  At bed I run through all that the morning will hold and in what order.  Jack is not a fan of having to do things last minute without a warm up warning.  I figure 12 hours to get used to the idea is plenty of time.
 Like I said, rhythm has set in...until this morning when Emily comes down with her skirt a WRECK!!  Like so wrinkled it was 6 inches shorter than originally purchased.  I sternly asked her to look at her skirt and explain the reason why it looked like it was crumpled up in a drawer.  She went on to explain that it was crumpled up at the bottom of her drawer because I never told her to hang it up.  I look at the clock and calculate how long I have left until I run out of time...
 I tell her, "I am so sorry that you have to go looking like that. I have no time left to iron that for you." And who should walk in at that exact moment...this guy...this amazing guy who says, "Toss it to me Em..I'll iron it for you!"  We are talking KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR (except he was wearing jeans and a collared shirt..which looks much better on him).
 Moments later he comes back with a finely pressed skirt.  AS Emily is putting her skirt back on I say to her..
 "This is the type of guy you want to marry.  When you are dating someone you must ask yourself, will this guy iron our daughter's skirt on a busy school morning as he is trying to get out the door himself?...If you don't think he is the type of guy to do that DON'T MARRY HIM.  You need a guy who will take care of you ..ALL OF YOU!!"
And my sweet Emily says, "Mama, if we are just dating we won't have a daughter!"

Not exactly the point I was going for..but at least she has the order of things correct. Let's just hope she finds a guy like her dad!!

Monday, September 26, 2011


 This has got to be the CREEPIEST scarecrow I have ever seen!!  Fake and SCARY!!!
Lucy was unaware of his creep on the other hand..I could not even get the settings staight on my camera...
 Wish I had something deeper for you tonight..but that's all I have!!
 I am on week 9 of home schooling and I am planning a little break next week.  The weather looks promising and I want to do some of the things I did not do this summer because I felt like I was going to die MOST of the summer..
 Which, by the way, I am feeling much better.   A few things could be better in the old body department, but nothing to dwell on.  The hardest part is yet to come...It is all coming back to me now.
But until then I am trying to just be in the moment and knit as much as I can before my hands fill up with a sweet smelling baby.

p.s If Sophie still reads my blog will you please leave a comment and tell me your name on Ravelry..I want to see what you and your sister have been knitting lately.  I miss your inspiration and talent!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dear Ginny!!

 First let me say I was going to write you an e-mail ..then I thought I would probably not spend time including pictures in the e-mail, so I thought I would just be lazy and put my e-mail RIGHT HERE for all the world to we go!!
 Thanks so much for the skinny on the Berryville Fiber Fest..we had such a fun time. Pete was excited to go and my parents came with us.  We packed a lunch for all so I could squeeze every last $$ for the yarn I knew I would want. 
 Man that place had yarn!  As you know I just recently got the desire to start knitting again and this was  great kick-off weekend.  First I went to Fiber Space in Alexandria on Saturday and bought some great yarn for a shawl like project that I got suckered into falling in love with.  The samples the knitters in that store wear are so STINKING cute!!  Anyway, the lady who made the yarn I bought was there and it felt fun to have her help me pick it out!! 
 Then I bought some yarn to do a cable hat.  I don't know why I walked out of the store with NOTHING I went in there for..but that is what I do...I get distracted with all the shiny yarn and cool projects.  I casted on the shawl project last night and am super excited that I actually may be able to do this project.
 I think I am a better knitter than I am so sometimes I bite off more than I can really do!!  That is why I did not buy the yarn for the pants you sent me the pattern for.  I am afraid.  What if I can't do the crotch(not a great word..but the only one I could use for this purpose) right? 
 Well, anyway after the small bit of success I had last night with this new pattern I decided that today I would buy the yarn for the pants and the vest I want to make for the baby!!  I found me some yarn...hand dyed right there in front of us.  We all watched the magic happen...super fun!!  I am going to make some baby pants with the yarn we watched get cool is that???
 I also found a blanket I want to make but I walked away without buying the yarn for it.  I am kicking myself, which I knew I would do.  I choked..yarn is PRICEY!!  Having this much fun adds up and I was not able to part with more money by the time I found this yarn and blanket pattern.
 But guess what??  The same yarn lady will be there next weekend at the NEXT fiber festival.  Maybe ..just maybe!!
 Going to the fiber Festival was really meet some cool people doing some cool stuff.  One yarn lady had 10 children and she lives in Tennesee, she makes and dyes her own yarn.  People do the coolest stuff!! I forgot to get her card...which is a big bummer because she had some amazing stuff.  But really, it is all amazing!
 It was a little hot walking around, but no rain so we were thankful.  Emily got stung by a bee and bought a 7$ stuffed animal.  The stuffed animal was made from Alpaca  was pretty cool. I usually don't allow MORE stuffed animals in the house..but I got caught up in Alpaca love and we now own a sweet little SOFT stuffed alpaca!
 So this here is MY yarn!!  So cool!!
 She dyes it all from natural plant products...this is Indigo!  It is a little smelly right now but after Priscilla wakes up I am going to go buy Dreft to GENTLY wash it !!
One day I hope to show you the CUTE pants I have made from this wonderful yarn..until then I need me some help..maybe a day of NO SCHOOL is in order for tomorrow??  I don't want to be a bad influence but this knitting bug has bit me hard and I am back to thinking, eating, breathing ALL THINGS KNITTED and what better place to go than your knitting castle??

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clean House Or Not

 The other day I was talking to my friend who was sharing some concerns over her not having the time to keep up with her house the way she used to.  She even went on to write a beautiful post about it..
 I told her that I totally get it but she should not feel like she has to apologize for her house being lived in.  But then I went on to explain that I too apologize for my house sometimes.
 Not because it is messy (Pete is a huge neat guy and he helps make our home pretty neat ALL THE TIME!!) but because it is new...BRAND NEW!!
 It is so foolish, but I like old things.  I like things that have history and a bit of a built in energy.  I like things to look a little.."lived in".  This wonderful home we bought is BRAND SPANKING NEW and sometimes I feel like I have to apologize for that.
 When a couple of moms came over the other day and they wanted to see the whole house I found myself explaining WHY we bought a brand new I was saying...sorry.  I can even go as far as pointing out things I don't like in order to..I don't know what...I just feel like I need to.
 I am not sorry I live here.  I still like old stuff and when I get my act together I will start to sand edges and paint things to feel more like..the way I want them..lived in.
 I still would love to have an old farm house on some land. But for now I love having door knobs that don't fall off and wood floors with no holes or splinters in them.
 And sometimes it gets even more awkward when people say.."Your house is so neat too..."  Then I really pull out the stories and explanations.."Well, Pete is a pretty tidy guy and I could not do it without him"..or "You should have been here 2 hours ago..the place was a wreck."
 And then I really try to sway people when I tell them.."Really..we are just tidy people.  I am not a huge fan of actually cleaning..but I am constantly putting stuff away."  So really I tell people that we are really very dirty..just neat looking. I guess it makes me feel better to have people leave my house thinking less of me...
 Why do we do this?  Why do seek approval or demand disapproval of others??
 All I really know is when you come to my BRAND NEW house I will try not to talk you out of liking it.  When you say.."You guys are really neat!" I will not bring you to my closet to prove that I too live with messes....
 I am me.  We are us and I love that you are you and that I see different things when I go to your house!!
 Being happy with where you are and what you have is a struggle...things always look better when they are not your problem.
And next time you come over just know that I am so glad you are here because I like to visit and have people over..clean house or not!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Constant Conversion

 Pete and I had a reversion in Sitka about 5 years ago.  More of an awakening of faith and love of God and all things Catholic. For years I enjoyed a real passion for soaking in my faith and letting it begin to define me.  I took on many things that kept me feeling close to God.
 Being open to life, wanting more children, and most especially home schooling were all ways that I felt like the relationship I wanted with God was going to come and more importantly STAY!! 
 But as time went on the fire started to die.  Not the DESIRE..just the fire.  It was no longer an intense need to know all things was more like a ..."I want to feel that way again, how can I get there?"  Over the years as feelings have come and gone I have found some ways to keep growing closer to God and my faith even if the "feeling"is not there.  Going to mass as often as I can has always been a way for me to stay in tune with God and be open to His grace.
 Some periods of my life have been easier to work out that practice than other seasons, sometimes it felt impossible to attend daily mass.  I have tried reading things that make me "feel" close to God and sometimes that works and sometimes..nothing!!
 But I keep at it.  I want a close relationship with God.  I want to feel Him working in my life and I want to feel the grace He has for me.  But as we all know sometimes the feelings are not there as easy as we would like.
 And other times the feeling is so there and so close that you feel on top of the world...God has recently moved into my heart in a way I never expected.  He has me thinking about things that never occurred to me before.  He has me feeling like serving in a whole new way.
 And when I am open to what He has planned for me I feel the grace in so many other ways.   All of a sudden I want to love Him so well that I keep my patience a  little longer.  I want to show my gratitude to Him that I say yes for the sake of others even when the no is where I want to go.  I want to set aside what I want to do and serve those around me..not for the thank you of serving...but for the feeling like this is how I show God my love.
 I don't mean to sound mysterious in the new way God has opened my heart.. I will tell you all as soon as dinner is not about to be served and I can think through the words I want to say.
 Until then (which may be awhile since Pete has the computer 95% of the day and I am determined NOT to buy a new computer for a few more months) I am trying to enjoy the feeling of fire and know that even when the feeling diminishes I will still be enjoying the Grace I feel right now..
 And to my sweet friend who just had twins with 2 toddlers around her all day..your fire will be there again and for the moment your service in these very hard days is the way you get to love God and serve Him....daily mass will be back very soon!!

 And who knows why I am passing out all these "words of affirmation"...that's just one of my love languages and I feelin' the love!!!
Love you all !!