Sunday, August 21, 2011

Whole Lotta...

 I have been a bit wrapped up in this VERY good book...not a story line that would normally appeal to me but other people that have read the book have said the characters are so good you get lost in the people.  I agree..good characters and totally different story !!
 Otherwise I have been outside SWEATING to death..but watching the kids play in whatever they can dig up.  I keep trying to have deep thoughts, something interesting to blog about...but NOTHING!! All I have is me...still finding my way...and that is getting pretty boring.
 I could tell you that I am feeling much better the last few days because that is exciting to me, but kinda boring...and not very "blog worthy"!
 I would love to tell you that I have my ultra sound tomorrow and we are so excited to find out what the baby is..but Pete NEVER lets us find out what the babies are and it is TORTURE for sharing that bit of news would be...POINTLESS!!!
 I keep convincing myself that I am having a boy because I felt SO BAD for SO LONG....(17 weeks to be exact) and I just don't remember feeling this bad with the girls.  Not that I remember feeling this bad with Jack either ....I just don't know what to think.
 A boy would be good..this little guy is so sweet and having a brother for him would be ....
 so good!!!
 And every Sunday morning while I am doing all 4 girls hair all I can think about it..."If this is a girl we are NEVER going to make it to Mass on time...ever!!"
But I would love another girl, and I would love another boy.  I just wish with all my heart that Pete wakes up tomorrow and says..."Let's find out!! I read your blog and feel like you really should know ."
But that is not going to happen and hopefully I have something fun to share soon...cause I am really boring myself!!


  1. ha! i just wrote about Hunger Games on my blog too;) i never could wait to find out! impatience, that's me!

  2. Ha! You couldn't be boring if you tried.
    Hellos from the AK homeschoolers...

  3. My son loved that book! so glad you're feeling better!

  4. We just found out Friday that we are having our 4th girl(we also have one boy he's the oldest) and we were pretty surprised. I was convinced this baby was a boy. Wow you guys are awesome to wait every time. We only waited with our 3rd. At that point we had 1 boy and 1 girl and it was fun to wait. But I needed to know this time...even if the news was shocking!

  5. Hey... you could say it's a surprise whether you find out at the doctor's appointment or the actual birth day! Either way, you will be surprised!!!

  6. I am so glad you like Hunger Games! Its one of my favorite will love the other two...I wish she would write more!!