Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Little Of This ..A Little of That

 A whole new way of life has hit our house this week.  Pete began his graduate program and mama is flying solo once again.  I was ready and it has been a good week.  Today was also the first day the girls went to my mom's house for a few hours. And to say the house was quiet is an understatement.  We FLEW through school and I did not get aggravated ONE SINGLE TIME!!  I can be a good mom..just not to EVERYONE...ALL THE TIME!!
 Lucy and Priscilla were as proud as can be going to Grammy's was very special for them.  They always get left behind when the girls or Jack has something to do.  So today they waved good bye to all of us as Pete drove them away and they were GLOWING!!
 But really what I have to tell you is I am without a computer most of the day now.  I usually blog at nap time and do all my picture stuff then so right now I am in blog/picture withdraw.  We NEED another computer..but we thought eating would be handy this month so waiting I will do.  I can find PLENTY I need to do during that time anyway and sneak a blog or two in while Pete is between use.
 A few more silly updates and I will be done here...

I got to talk to my friend Jane today..poor thing..I think she was just calling to say a quick Hi and I wound up YAPPING for almost 2 hours.  She has 2 older children and I LOVE hearing all about them.  I am sure she has no idea how much I get from our talks even if they are not that often.  After that I guess I was not talked out so I called another friend and took most of her afternoon up as well.  Talking to friends sometimes just..FEELS GOOD!! Thanks guys for the great Wednesday afternoon!!
 And the most amazing thing is happening with this little girl..she is being so..FUNNY!!  She is at the cutest stage right now and when she wants to be she can have us all ROLLING!!  I think I have had a hard time ENJOYING her as much as I should have been..just because she was not that ENJOYABLE for the most part and now I look at her and think.."When did you get here you cute little thing??" Hey that may not be a popular thing to say..but it can be hard to enjoy a little person when they are so...hard to enjoy (I really have no better way of saying it..please keep the hate comments to a min.  I love this child with my life but now it is getting easier to like her as well...lucky you if you never felt this way)But she is a party a minute and I am glad I was invited!!

(Excuse the laundry baskets in the back..that is what I have been doing instead of not as much fun)
And then there is this little person who has been so much kinder to my system the last 2 weeks..I feel like a new me.  I am about 19 weeks now and I know I will be on the down hill climb pretty soon..but next year is a long way off and I can't WAIT to meet this little person..until then I have PLENTY of people keeping my hands and heart FULL!!


  1. The last picture is so beautiful. I love it.

  2. oh, you are so not alone in the not liking the kid thing. keep it real;) love the belly (and keepin' it real with the laundry baskets too-go you!)

  3. I agree with not alone. Some are just challenging....I haven't had any luck spending time on my computer lately either....and just to let you know I'm jealous of the curtains! You have more up than I do after six years!!!

  4. I miss my best friend call me when you can.

  5. I love the last picture too but what I am most impressed about are the mostly empty laundry baskets - your house looks awesome by the way!