Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How Time Flies...

I feel like I accidentally took a break from my blog...I did not intend to.  Things got a little busy around here last week with the advent of a new school year, and me deciding to "finish" some rooms that had NOTHING in them.

 It all started with Pete needing a work space in this house.  He was supposed to get the "study" when we set out to buy this house..but then God planted another baby to live within these walls and Pete's quiet space quickly got re purposed for something ELSE!! Poor guy..he took it well.  We did not do anything with the "study" when we first moved in.  I think we both knew it was no longer going to be the room filled with book lined walls and  leather sitting chairs he envisioned, but he was not ready to move out of the room emotionally just yet.
 So I put boxes in the basement and said I would worry about them when I needed to.  And then all of a sudden last week at 2:30 a.m I started to worry about them...
I was up all night rearranging the whole house...mentally buying what I needed to make it all work.  I had great plans of switching rooms and making some changes that made all the spaces more..."homey"..(which spell check tells me is NOT a word..but I disagree)
 One thing I could not figure out is how to "dress" my windows without going hungry for a year.  There are like 500 windows downstairs and I felt like they needed to be tended to in order to make things come together.  I just had no idea how to dress these 120inx 89in windows with out taking out  loan....I will tell you IKEA is a marriage a neat company that started with a Swedish guy when he was 17 years story if you feel like reading more.  I am not usually a "box store" shopper. But I saw they had some great pieces that I could use without turning my whole house into a Scandinavian showroom.
 But here's the deal..I committed to starting school last week so I could not ditch school in order to help my windows not feel so ..."naked".  So I did the next best thing...I asked Pete if he would go to IKEA for me to pick up a few things.  Pete is awaiting his semester to start at the end of August so he has been here helping me and has gotten pretty handy at making this house a home.
 I knew I wanted to hang curtains above he windows and space them a little different.  WE both loved the idea and I all I needed was curtains.  I already had some rods from our last house. So I asked Pete to go pick out something...
 And please buy like 25 panels of whatever you like...he did a GREAT job and he came home in 3 would have taken me FOREVER and I would have agonized over every little detail and I would never have been home in 3 hours....
 He got rods, he got great curtains and he hung them right was heaven.  I swapped 2 rooms with each other making one a "craft" area.  This room is where I have grand plans of sewing again one day when my brain fog clears...until then I get to walk through it on the way to the kitchen.
 We painted the chairs and hutch blue before we left Mobile because we saw this GREAT picture in Country Living magazine and now I am not sure I love it.  I think I REALLY want this all white..but Pete is like..."PLEASE NO MORE WHITE!!" So I am waiting until he is so busy with school and then one fall Sunday put on a good football game and ask him if he minds if I do a little painting.  Maybe in his relaxed state he may see the beauty of white once again!!
 But for now it will stay blue and I will be happy that I have it!!

 And we did solve the problem of Pete needing a quiet work space.  We put a desk and a GREAT chair up in our bedroom.  It looks so good and guess what???  That day Pete went to IKEA he came home with all those frames above the desk and said..."Hey LEASE let's hang up some of your pictures and make a photo collage!"....

 I got right to work.  I have not gotten pictures printed in 500 years so I jumped on the computer and just printed the best ones I could find without to much was harder than I thought.
And now I have to go make dinner and push publish.  I drank a cup of COFFEE about an hour ago and I am already regretting it...I can't sit still any longer.  I hate that..I feel SO tired and I think .."let me try a cup of coffee..people always drink it to wake up a little!"..I do and then I can't sit down for a week...not exactly the feeling I was going for.

Thanks for reading along and I wish I was a little more on the ball last week with the before and after pictures.  Maybe next room re-do!!


  1. Well, I like the blue a lot, but I think I like the white a teeny tiny bit more. Just think- you'll be reeeeeally happy to see the white again when it returns.

    Hello to Pete and all the kids! I still tell the girls tales about Em and Moll from our Sitka days. I especially enjoy telling them about Cheezer. Is he still with you guys?

    And congrats on your happy baby news, Lisa! God is so good!
    From Jenni

  2. Love it. I am a bit partial to blue! Curtains are great. Instant "homey" :)

  3. i think the blue looks great! your house is just gorgeous! and i would NEVER trust my honey to pick out curtains-lol!

  4. I say keep the blue! It is more unique and it really looks very nice. These are all great pictures. You have a beautiful home!

  5. I'd say keep the hutch blue, but paint the chiars white. The blue ties in with the chairs in the livingroom beautifully. I'm jealous-- we've been here seven years and we're still not done!!

    Anne McD

  6. Honest opinion: I think it would look really nice in white. But... my VERY first thought, when I saw the first photo, was how pulled-together it look with the chairs in the living room. The blue ties it all together, and looks very "finished." So, I say keep the blue for now, and if you ever change your chairs, revisit the idea of going white again THEN.

  7. Ooh- I like the idea above, too-- paint the chair white but keep the hutch blue.

  8. I LOVE the blue! Your house looks amazing for just moving in. I would never trust my husband to pick out curtains :)

  9. I like the blue! House looks great! I also love the catholic quote!!! May need to take a trip to IKEA myself for new curtains... those are perfect!

  10. I'm drooling over the subtle yellow walls! Can you share the color?
    God Bless :)

  11. Love the blue and it does tie in with the living room chairs really well. You have done an amazing amount of decorating in a very short time. It all looks great! White is nice but too much of it can look very frosty winterish, not warm and cozy. You have a VERY helpful husband.
    Blessings to all of you.