Monday, August 22, 2011

Finding My Groove!!

And my knitting needles..finally!!  I am sure that I am feeling SO much better and the first desire I had was to start knitting again.  For the last few weeks the idea of knitting made me feel sick..EVERYTHING made me feel sick.  But here I am a few rows in and I am making the little sack from Last Minute Knitted Gifts..nothing to fancy or technical...just fun and easy.

And in case you were wondering...
Pete took NO pity on me and we DID NOT FIND out what the baby was.  But all looks good and I am grateful for fingers and toes. As to what gender those items are attached to will remain a mystery until the end of January..which, by the way, is in like 22 weeks ...22 more Saturdays...that is like SO FAR AWAY!!!! can he do this to me????

But on a sad note ..I finished The Hunger Games and I am so sad it is over.  I ordered the 2nd book but the UPS man LET ME DOWN BIG TIME today...I can't wait to see that chocolate brown van pull up tomorrow.  I already told the girls no spelling this week and tomorrow we may cut down another subject or 2...the weather is supposed to be REALLY nice and I have some reading to do!!


  1. Walker had to read The Hunger Games for school over the summer. He rushed to the library to get the 2nd book

  2. We're expecting too but not until April. We found out with our first but decided we're not going to with this one. Part of the "fun" of pregnancy is in the waiting, right? ;)

  3. Hey Lis. I would not expect anything less from Pete! I guess five kids really hasn't changed you guys at all! ;-) I will let you have some joy in knowing what my baby will be to hopefully tide you over until Jan. lol We read the Hunger Games last year for book club and we all LOVED them! Good luck with getting that reading done, I know that is no easy task. Holli

  4. So glad you're feeling better! Good for you cutting back too! I love that colour!