Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling The End Of Summer

 We are in week 4 of our home school.  My curriculm follows a week long breakdown so I always know how much I have done and how much I have left.  We have gotten through this first 4 weeks REALLY well.  The little girls have been playing outside and  keeping happy in the morning hours. And Jack is SO FUN to do kindergarten with!!  And the girls know what to do so well they just go with the flow.
 Pete has been home and helping with breakfast and keeping things moving along and life seems..smooth!!  He goes to school next week FULL TIME and then we no longer have him to ourselves.  But I think we will be fine.  I think I needed this type of beginning and I feel lucky to have had it.  But besides feeling the "back to school" type of end of summer..I feel it in the air.
 We went down to our lake and stayed for several hours and it felt so good to be outside.  I think things are moving along and I feel such hope for what is to come. For several months now I have mostly felt.."ready" for whatever was to come..just staying focused on getting everyone settled.  But now I feel..hope and joy and happy about all that is to come.
 I bought 2 new skirts and a few new tops because one thing I know for sure is coming is a much bigger belly.  I asked Pete to take my picture and to be honest I could not show them...he is not the best picture taker, by his own admission, but these were EXTRA horrible.  I have a plan to get some pictures of me and it may involve a trip to Fredricksburg to see a lady with a camera!!What do you say pal, can we visit??
Until then we are recovering from a Virginia earthquake and spending our time collecting acorns and crunching some of the leaves that are starting to fall.  I am ready to put this summer behind me..not that it was horrible..just HARD and HOT!!  I like change especially if it does not involve me packing a box and driving several hundred miles!!

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