Monday, July 4, 2011

Our Amazingly Amazing 4th of July

So you guys know we live in Virginia right??

As in around the corner from the White House, Mt. Vernon, Ferry Farm (GW's boyhood farm), the capital know...NATIONAL MONUMENTS!!

Kind of a  Patriotic  Headquarters.
Pete and I felt a lot of pressure to have this AMAZINGLY amazing 4th of July.  We imagine the same pressure exists for people who live in New York for the New Year have to do something amazing!!

Neither of us have the energy to do anything THAT amazing.  I'm 11 weeks pregnant and Pete is the husband of a woman 11 weeks pregnant. So standing around in hot crowded places to see fireworks somewhere historically significant sounded....

So, instead I  begged the mercy of a professional Virginia family to let us join them on a hike...

And we got lucky..this was a hike with water involved.

Perfectly amazing for us!!

 I just hope I did not talk to much..or interrupt to much or ask to many questions...
 I can do that when I get excited and then later on I recount the events and wince thinking how I may have come across...
 To much Lisa can be...TO MUCH LISA!!
 So please forgive me, anyone I may meet in the next few weeks, I am excited to be here and excited to start our life here...excitement makes me chatty and sometimes chatty can be chatty.

Thank goodness I have so many people to interrupt me...

Happy 4th..and hey..Happy 5th too!!


  1. Your 4th looks much like our 4th. :) We visited some nearby waterfalls and my blogpost for today looks very similar with all the wet children tromping around in water and climbing over rocks. I'm glad you're enjoying VA!

  2. You are too funny! I would love to be able to get together with you. Your chatty-ness could counter my unchatty-ness quite nicely. :)

  3. I think you're lucky to live so close to that great hike! How perfect!! Hope you're feeling tolerable.

  4. Hello from a fellow military family! We were stationed in VA until 2 years ago and now we are in Oregon for four years. How funny! Didyou husband get stationed there? I hope you love it!

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  6. how beautiful! So happy you are liking your new home! It looks like a great place!