Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Note To Pete!!

 The other day I realized that I had not done ANYTHING nice for Pete in awhile.  We have been together so much lately and he has been such a huge help during these past few weeks.  His classes don't start for a few more weeks so we get even more time together.  I have been so focused on other things that this poor guy has really been ...
                                                      out of focus.
So the other night I came down after we went to bed and put together his coffee...It took me like 15 minutes to do this simple act.  I was horrified at could I be this out of practice??

Please forgive me and hang in there.  You have been so amazing and patient with me and I am really going to get it together soon...until then, sorry about the weak coffee and late mornings.  I love you !!


  1. This is so sweet. My husband makes the coffee at night and sets the timer so my coffee will be ready when I get up one hour before him. When it's time to wake him up, he gets a steaming cup of coffee on his nightstand. It's the little considerations that really do mean so much.

  2. That is so nice...I've been reading Song of Solomon lately and thinking about the verses where he says to his beloved that she refreshes him...and how we all ought to try to do things to refresh our you...have a great weekend...