Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not A Great Helper...

 A few weeks ago I was helping at our new parishes VBS.  I got to Virginia and drove to my new house and then straight to the church.  When I got to the church I went right into the office and announced that we were FINALLY here.
 The lady at the front desk was excited and a little puzzled to meet me.  Should she have known we were coming?  I announced our arrival like it was public info.  I felt as though it should be.  I had moved to this area BECAUSE of the the church.
 I was here and thought they should know. And the best way for people to get to know you is if you put yourself out there.  That nice lady who was in charge of welcoming me to Holy Trinity gave me some info, "VBS is starting in July and the sign up closes tomorrow.  Would you like to register your kids?"..."Yes please and can I help?"
 And that was my first step in getting my new church to know me.  I got to volunteer in Molly's room and be a teacher assistant.  I was glad to not be the ACTUAL first....
 And then day 2 came and I noticed that I had to suppress the urge to take over.  The teacher was doing a great job ...but I was having a hard time not being in charge.  What is my problem???  Sit back, relax and just HELP!!  That is all I was called to do..HELP!!
 There was another "helper" in the room with me who is a life long Boy Scout mom.  She was really neat to talk to because her life revolves very much around Boy Scouts and that is just so far from my scope of life I find it interesting to learn about.  I think I drove her INSANE!!  I think she liked chatting with me for the most part and I think she ultimately liked me...but I think I confused her.
 One day the kids had this art project that I found to be a bit "picky". They were making prayer boxes.  The little cardboard box was to be covered in a piece of aluminium.  The direction stated the kids were to rub a wooden dowel over a rubber stamp to impress the image onto the aluminum.  The rubbing was difficult and the design came out unrecognizable.  The kids were getting frustrated and I started going around telling the kids, "If you are having a hard time rubbing the design, just take your little dowel and make any design you want to.  It is your piece of art work...make it what you want."  Just the fact that the kids were getting to use he aluminum I thought was cool so why not let them enjoy making their own design. other teacher helper was LESS THAN PLEASED WITH ME!!
I must have broken some sacred Boy Scout rule about doing what was DIRECTLY stated in the art project directions.  I felt her PANICKING!!  She was going up behind me telling all the kids..."That was NOT the directions!!!"  And I just continued reminding her and the children that this was an ART project not a SURVIVAL COURSE!!  I think there is room for different approaches...

But maybe what I should have really taken from the whole experience is some people are great helpers...I AM NOT!!!


  1. Um...I think quite the opposite. You are the perfect helper! Three-year-olds need to be delivered from "do it only this way" style art projects. That other helper was wrong. For goodness sake, they're 3! They need the freedom to be creative with their projects not get frustrated and feel like failures. Way to go, Lisa! :)

  2. I think giving them a pn alternative was a great idea. I bet they did too.