Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The next phase that I am about to enter is a little embarrassing...

For me and anyone that happens to encounter me over the next 27 weeks...

 I now will cry very often and over absolutely nothing...
I will cry when people are nice to me and hold the door when entering a store.  I will cry when someone says, "Do you need help?"

I will cry when I go to the doctor and they tell me I have the wrong day for my appointment.

 I will cry when Pete and I talk about the events surrounding our wedding.  I will cry when I think about how glad I am he married me and how rescued I felt and still do.
 I will cry at Mass during consecration.  I will MOST definitely cry during confession.
I will cry when I walk in a room and someone says, "How are you?"

 While some of these events crying may be out of place I still don't mind the emotion that is so close to the surface right now.  I remember more. I feel more. I care more!
 My girls laugh at me more and I get used to saying..."I am so sorry for crying..I am really fine"

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