Monday, July 18, 2011

My Homeschool Sneak Peek

It seems as though I will make time for anything right now other than planning for next year.  I keep giving myself a few more days to really start putting pen to paper because I keep telling myself that even though I am not "formally planning" I really am making plans...just more thought plans than actual plan plans.

But I can not let happen to me this year what happened to me last year.  Last year about 2 weeks before school started I created this really cute school room.  I got a super cute book shelf and white table with adorably cushioned chairs.  I made cute push pins to hang creations on the wall.  I set up a whole Latin work area for prayers and vocab to be written down.  I bought $125 worth of markers and crayons.  I was set...4th grader and 2nd grader was all I had to worry about this year...and with this school room...I was SET!!!
 And then my reality hit last August when somehow my toddlers REMAINED toddlers AFTER I WANTED TO START SCHOOL IN MY NEW SCHOOL ROOM!!!  Who thought that would happen????
Guess what I did??  On the 2nd day of school I ran outside my little white house SLAMMED the door and called EVERY MOMS DAY OUT IN MOBILE ALABAMA!!  Somebody needed to take care of these toddlers..I HAD HOME SCHOOLING IN MY HOME SCHOOL room to DO!!
I think I may have cried for 45 minutes.  STRAIGHT!!  What was I going to do with these is day 2!!  I am SUNK....
And thus was how last school year began ...and as some of you may have read...
I mean..hard!
I changed my thinking pretty quickly last year and not only because Mom's Day Out would have cost $600 a month for all 3 kids.  I changed my thinking because I remembered that a successful school day for this family is one that is PLANNED for!!
So I planned on ways to keep the toddlers happy..but I know I did a "NOT GREAT JOB" last year at that.
 This year I would like to do a much better job with planning.  I want to make our home school a school for all 5 children.  I have been reading Ginny and getting all inspired by her approach to Kindergarten.  I feel like my little kids have really been waiting for the chance to "do school" I am going to plan for their school too.
 What does this look like specifically?  For Priscilla (2.5) and Lucy (4) this means their own stack of school books.  I ordered some ABEKA preschool stuff and I am making a "school" shelf for them.  I, like Ginny, plan on having "project time" in the morning after I get the older girls up and running.  One way I get the girls up and running first thing in the morning is I lay school out with them the night before.  We go through certain things at night to set them up for independent work first thing in the morning.  This "night school" is not my favorite part of life.  I MAKE myself do it because it is a time of the day that is really peaceful and I have their attention.  This would not work for some people, but this has been my SAVING GRACE for 5 years now.

After the girls get some things done in the morning I am going to have one girl take a break to play doll house or other games with the little girls so I can work with Jack.  He is DYING to get into his school and I have some cool things lined up for him.  I will do 100 Easy Lessons with him and Kindergarten Math-U-See.  We will do his Bible story and Fable stories right after those lessons.  Then I plan on putting him on the computer for a math/phonics lesson through Funnix. Then Girl #2 will take a  turn with the little girls while I work with girl #1.  The little girls are going to have reading time with girl #2.  They love when the girls read to them and I am going to use that this year.
Are you still with me?? 

And as you all know NONE of this will go as planned..but this is where my plan begins.  I want to do better this year.  I want to simplify my time with the little kids by giving them little kid things to do but in the context of a routine and loose plan. With these few things thought out I am PRAYING that by day 2 I am not CRYING on my front porch looking to throw in the towel.  Can this be done?  Can I keep all these balls in the air everyday? As I look at these fresh books and as I slash through my July calendar marching ever so close to our first day of school I have hope...and with hope means trust in God and if I can focus on those two things I may be able to get through day 2 with no tears...
Psalm 71:5, "For you are my hope, O Lord; my trust O God, from my youth."


  1. I wish I could do the homeschooling... you are making such a difference in their life...don't ever doubt it!

  2. oh girly. i'm right there with ya. only this will be my first year...with 4 kids. a 5th, 2nd, kinder and 3 year old. i'm trying to learn from all you experienced mama's mistakes:D

  3. My first year home schooling looking forward to learning more from you. I was delighted to see how close you are to the Little Blue house. I love Father P the juggling priest.He was at my childrens school many years ago. I would love to live out that way and go to that beautiful church. I have family near there and they go to ST J's

  4. Are the photos from VBS? Looks like a great group of kids