Saturday, July 23, 2011

Making THIS House A Home

 Boxes have been unpacked for awhile and we are definitely living in every square inch of this house.  There is still lots that needs to be done.  We have so many bare walls and lots of empty space.
 I am not complaining I am just noticing.  I look around and feel like the house looks a little ...empty. Not of people ...but of stuff.  Is this house "homey" enough?  What can I do to make it feel more.."homey"?
 I am not someone who just buys stuff for the sake of having stuff.  I like for purchases to be planned and I know stuff is not my answer...
 Time...time is my answer.  To make this place feel like our home I need time....
 Time to make house memories..make house moments.  Days filled with reading in comfy chairs and sitting around in PJ's until lunch.  Days where birthdays are celebrated and moments are shared.  Hot afternoons spent hiding in the basement watching movies.
 We need to make this house a home by living in it, sharing space and time in it.
And perhaps adding a curtain or two...


  1. You'll have nicks on the walls in no time and it will look JUST like home! In the meantime...enjoy how clean it is!

  2. Curtains is a good start to making your home feel more like your place. Now that you have been sewing you could make them and have so many more choices of fabrics and styles. I just made long drapes (no sew drop cloth drapes) for our great room. It was inexpensive and a quick project. I bought clip on rings to hang on a black metal rod from target, fabric edge finished drop cloth from Home Depot.
    I go to Doc B and Dr A too.I followed Dr A to the practice when she joined Dr B about 14 years ago.They are so good and caring.The whole practice including the whole staff is their for their patients,especially in difficulties and loss.

  3. So true! Have fun making it just that!

  4. Just let your house have'll need it when we come to visit :)

  5. When I was a young girl, we moved almost yearly to another state. My mom always managed to upack quickly and we would ride up and down the streets meeting all the new kids. We would run in and have dinner just like always and it was home. After being married we have only really moved once and that was just across town. I remember days after the move feeling down and thinking, "I just want to go home." Oddly, my mom and dad recently relocated after many years and I thought their new house would never feel like the home they had settled down in when we were in high school. The first time we had dinner together the feeling was there. For me as the mom, it took time (and curtains). As the daughter, all it took was my mom doing what she always did.