Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time To Panic!!

I will start by saying these pictures have ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING to do with anything I am going to be saying.  These pictures are from a fun event called "Sippin With The Saints" a fundraiser my church put on.  It was a tea party in which each table was a different saint and the people sponsoring the table created a beautiful tablescape to represent that saint.  And let me just say people are so creative and they did a great job.  We had a lovely time and heard a GREAT talk about the parents of St. Therese the Little Flower.  I left the event hoping to be a fraction of the parents there were and wishing I had nice china...but let's get back to me PANICKING!!

On Friday I was scooting around town when my phone was a Virginia area code and my heart skipped a beat...
"Hi, this is so and so from your builder's settlement office I am calling to tell you your final walk through and closing date.  Are you ready?"

"Yes I am ready.  Well, not really I am driving so I can't write anything down but I promise to listen REALLY close."
"Well, you will have your final walk through on June 14 and close June 17 at 1:00!!!"

"Wow..I thought we were closing June exciting you guys are done early...YIPPY!!!  Thank you so much.  We will be there...we are so excited.  Thank you ...thank you."
She says back.."I didn't do much outside of this phone call..but you are welcome!"
I could have kissed that women.  This was the phone call we have been waiting for since..well...a REALLY LONG TIME!!!

So I hang up the phone and move right into PANIC mode, after I called my mom of course!!  Well, I called Pete..then I called my mom and then I PANICKED.  Our movers are coming on June 20th.  How are we going to be in Virginia June 14-17 to close??

The first thing I did was call our movers..
"Hi, Gary this is Lisa ..that sweet little lady you met in Mobile last week...the one with all the kids..yeah Hi.  I was hoping you could move our pack out date up."
Gary clears his throat, "What were you thinking?"
After he stops laughing at me he tells me.."I don't think Monday will work, but let me take a look at what I can do."

And here I am Sunday night and Gary has not called me fact he keeps putting me to voice mail. I can't imagine why???
So what are we going to do??
At this moment all I can say 100% for sure is....
Pete and I have talked about this situation for 72 hours straight.  
We have some plans in the works but the bottom line is WE ARE CLOSING ON OUR NEW HOUSE !!!  WE can't believe it.  When we started this whole process 5 months ago it we heard all sorts of building horror stories compliments of helpful friends scaring the TAR out of us.  And now the biggest glitch is they are done EARLY!! 

So, that's it.  I have not sewed a single stitch since last Thursday..once the house news hit my focus became CLEAN OUT EVERY DRAW WE OWN.  I don't know when the movers are coming....but I am hoping it is soon!!


  1. Congratulations!! Come on up, happy homeowners to be! How very exciting! But yes, I would be panicking too! Good luck! Call when I can help! (765-430-2491)

  2. Like everything else, you will "get her done"! Good Luck and take some pics of your new home...we can't wait to see!

  3. All the Saint's tables look lovely! What a fun party...

    ...very best wishes with your move!

    ....still having problems with google account comments...~Affectioknit

  4. I LOVE the Sippin' with the Saints idea-- so fun!

    Good luck with the packing and moving business-- you can do it! If push comes to shove, you go close in VA and then head back to Mobile for your stuff. Not ideal, but that's life sometimes. At least the closing part would be ALL finished before you got to VA with your moving van/loaded-up cars!

    What is the last pic from, with the pretty dresses?

  5. What part of VA? I think you have said but I forget...Good luck!!