Thursday, June 30, 2011

Next Year Is Almost Here

My sewing box is unpacked, my knitting needles are handy, but I can not imagine when I will pick these things up again. 
I have done nothing to prepare for next school year until this week.  I could not focus on what I was going to use, much less what I needed to order. 

This week since we have really begun to settle in and all the moving distraction is dwindling I have been able to think about next year, especially as I unpack our school books.

As I unpacked certain books I found myself smiling and feeling reminiscent.  When I came across the Little Angel Readers I had a little rush of joy.."I get to do this program again!"  What a relief it was to have those feelings.  I unwrapped Emma Serl's Primary Language Lessons and was grateful that this is my year with Molly to do that book.

100 Easy Lessons is by far my favorite text to date.  I have gained so much from sitting beside my 2 girls teaching them to read.  And this year my Jack gets this great mama time....

We are making some changes this year and I am excited about it.  We have always used Math-U-See and I have been very happy with it.  Last year (4th grade) I noticed how much time I had to spend going over EACH incorrect problem.  Some of the long division problems were...LONG.

So this year we are taking a leap into the Teaching Textbook world.  I can use a little backup when it comes to math and I am hoping this program works for us.

Another thing we are trying  this year is the Funnix program for Jack and possibly Lucy.  Funnix is from the same authors of 100 Easy Lessons.  It is a computer based program that supplements 100 Easy Lessons.  The price was really good, $25. 

The one program the we use that causes me to cringe a bit is Writing Road To Reading.  I believe in the program.  It is super simple and really solid.  I just am a little bored with it.  Mother of Divine Grace has you follow this text 3rd grade through 6th grade.  With that type of grade span I will be doing that text until I am 48 years old!!!Last year I ordered All About Spelling and I found it not as solid and straight forward as WRTR.  And this year I am going to stick with it..unless one of you guys can tell me a GREAT spelling program that you just can't live without and every time you think of the book you grin with excitement (wouldn't that be nice?).

Anyway, I hope to start the end of July.  We don't have a lot to keep us busy right now so I might as well make HAY!! Then come October when you can go outside without melting I will take to the roads of Virginia. 


  1. I love teaching textbooks!! You may need to order a grade higher for your girls. Just check it out.
    God bless you all. We love you guys and miss you all. Love, Angela

  2. You make homeschool planning sound exciting -- something I normally dread (I'm just not a homeschooler deep down)!

    I am making a switch to Teaching Textbooks, too. I thought I would be a diehard Saxon user, but it's just not right for my daughter. We used Seton for my boys but switched to CHC for my daughter last year. She is not a workbook girl but loved the CHC spelling (third grade). We will do it again this year in fourth.

    Good luck in your planning AND execution!

  3. oh, i am glad to hear more good things about 100 lessons, i'll be using that this year with my 5 yr old:) no great advice as we're going to be jumping into homeschooling for the first time,but i chose Sing,Spell, Read and Write for my 7 year old and Character Quality Language Arts for my 10 year old. both are all inclusive LA programs...we'll see!

  4. We switched to teaching textbooks this year and I LOVE IT,just pop in the cd and they r on their own its very fun for them.If you go to the website you can print off a placement tests for them.
    Good Luck,Love the new house so cute.Congratulations on the new baby in belly(lol and prayers)

  5. Sounds like you are beginning to see the light at the end of a long tunnel! God bless has been a long one!

  6. We are switching from saxon math to teaching textbooks. I am very excited about it.

  7. I'm glad you posted about this. This is my first foray of homeschooling and I'm always interested to know the books that people love. Your little ones are adorable, as always. :)