Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leaving Part 1

Monday I sorted, organized and prepared our home to be packed up in brown boxes with lots of brown paper...

Tuesday morning I walked the packers through the house and introduced them to some things that I need to arrive books...

And all the small pieces of white that mean the world to me..

They were kind and I know they packed well.  In the midst of all of this Lucy turned 4.  We did the best to make her feel like the day was for her and for Lucy that was easy..Lucy thinks all the days are just for her. But keeping Lucy the focus of the day helped keep us all focus less on the emptiness that was occurring at our house.

So here we are, the eve of departure.  Most hard goodbye's have been said...

People have been so sweet and I am humbled by the kind words and acts of affection.  How can we drive away?  How can we re-make friends like these?

How do we ever tell people how much they meant to we will miss them..and how much we thank them....

But alas we must.  Without the military we would not have to move, but even more important to remember, without the military we would have never met. 

And the story continues...the people we leave behind will always be with us because they were such a big part of our story. The story will not end with some of them...but for the Little White House That Grew....

the truck is loaded and the walls are empty...

And somehow my kids found one last hole to dig in before we left...thank you!!


  1. After 25 years in the military, my husband has his retirement ceremony tomorrow (Friday June 10th)! And we will be hosting our movers on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Again. But... it's our last and final move!!!! :) YIPPIE!!!

    Wishing you safe travels and a smooth move.

  2. Praying for your safety during your move. God bless!

  3. How in the world do you have time to blog in the middle of a move?! I am in awe! Good luck, CC

  4. I cannot believe I missed seeing you off. Please know that with my new job, I WILL be coming to see you in your new home! I love ya and will miss you coming out to our place.