Thursday, June 30, 2011

Next Year Is Almost Here

My sewing box is unpacked, my knitting needles are handy, but I can not imagine when I will pick these things up again. 
I have done nothing to prepare for next school year until this week.  I could not focus on what I was going to use, much less what I needed to order. 

This week since we have really begun to settle in and all the moving distraction is dwindling I have been able to think about next year, especially as I unpack our school books.

As I unpacked certain books I found myself smiling and feeling reminiscent.  When I came across the Little Angel Readers I had a little rush of joy.."I get to do this program again!"  What a relief it was to have those feelings.  I unwrapped Emma Serl's Primary Language Lessons and was grateful that this is my year with Molly to do that book.

100 Easy Lessons is by far my favorite text to date.  I have gained so much from sitting beside my 2 girls teaching them to read.  And this year my Jack gets this great mama time....

We are making some changes this year and I am excited about it.  We have always used Math-U-See and I have been very happy with it.  Last year (4th grade) I noticed how much time I had to spend going over EACH incorrect problem.  Some of the long division problems were...LONG.

So this year we are taking a leap into the Teaching Textbook world.  I can use a little backup when it comes to math and I am hoping this program works for us.

Another thing we are trying  this year is the Funnix program for Jack and possibly Lucy.  Funnix is from the same authors of 100 Easy Lessons.  It is a computer based program that supplements 100 Easy Lessons.  The price was really good, $25. 

The one program the we use that causes me to cringe a bit is Writing Road To Reading.  I believe in the program.  It is super simple and really solid.  I just am a little bored with it.  Mother of Divine Grace has you follow this text 3rd grade through 6th grade.  With that type of grade span I will be doing that text until I am 48 years old!!!Last year I ordered All About Spelling and I found it not as solid and straight forward as WRTR.  And this year I am going to stick with it..unless one of you guys can tell me a GREAT spelling program that you just can't live without and every time you think of the book you grin with excitement (wouldn't that be nice?).

Anyway, I hope to start the end of July.  We don't have a lot to keep us busy right now so I might as well make HAY!! Then come October when you can go outside without melting I will take to the roads of Virginia. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

There Is Just One More Super Important Thing To Say

We are having a baby!!

I am PREGNANT!!  Really, truly pregnant!!!!

So..let me tell you the whole story.  After our last miscarriage in March I was pretty SAD.  God could not let those last 2 babies be my last.  Pete and I talked a lot about baby #6 after those sad days..(actually I cried and cried and Pete ENDURED). 

 Pete felt pretty strongly that we should just cool it in the baby pursuit department for a short while because we would be moving REALLY soon.  What exactly does that mean "cool it in the baby dept" you ask??  For us that means..stay open but not actively pursue good timing...if you know what I mean.
OK!!  I was on board.  I know how much energy a move takes and the last thing this family needs is a mama with no energy...or worse a mama having a miscarriage..AGAIN!!

We went through April and all was good....May came and we were so busy that timing was never right..or so I thought...
Come the end of May I am noticing that the cycle is getting a little longer than usual.  And just because I like to be prepared I always have a full 3 pack of pregnancy tests on hand.  I got a faint pink line and I instantly prayed....

"Please God..let me keep this one!!"  Feeling a little nervous Pete thought we should keep this pregnancy quiet a little longer than my usual 10 minutes of silence. I agreed, which is unlike me to not want to tell the world...good or bad.  But something just felt right about keeping this to ourselves.
I just prayed everyday to really be pregnant. I was able to focus on the move and just hope in my heart.  We got through May and headed into June and things were looking good.  This time I felt different..worse, sicker...which made me feel better.
And now I am 10 weeks pregnant..I feel pretty awful.  I am tired and completely unable to complete full thoughts without feeling like I am going to throw up.  I could not be happier!!  I could have thought of better timing for the first trimester to take place..but I would not trade a day of struggle for any other time!!

So..just to recap...
I am having a baby!!!  I am really having another baby....

Monday, June 27, 2011

Our New Story Begins

 this this new state...with these empty walls...with these many letters written to our friends back home...

but this story will always include the same staple- go-to- dinner no matter what address we have...

Hot, buttered pasta!!

We Are Home....

Friday, June 24, 2011

We Are Here! We Are Here!!

Let me just start by saying this post should have gone up days ago but blogger was not posting pictures that hour and that was the last spare hour I had until now.  Another thing I should say right off the bat, I have no pictures of our new house.  You would think with all this moving excitement my Nikon would be warn out...not even close.  The last time I took out my camera was when we arrived in Virginia about 10 days ago.

I am really mad at myself for not being better about documenting these last few weeks.  I should have had the frame of  mind to grab my camera from the 3rd row of the 12 passenger van whenever we were unloading 7 sleeping bags, 5 suitcases, 10 pillows and 3 special blankets ..EVERY 10 SECONDS!!  I will want to remember the look on my own face when the lady at Hampton Inn told me at 7:00 at night that our room wasn't ready and did we mind waiting another 15 minutes....
I want to remember that moment because my kids will, and they will retell the  wonderful
"remember when mom lost it at the Hampton Inn" story in the years to come.  However, you will just have to imagine the reaction I had because there are no pictures.

These pictures are from my friend Kathy's Tennessee.  I think this was the last day before I started to go down hill a little. It was day 2 of car travel.  We left Mobile Friday afternoon June 10 and drove to Tupelo Mississippi.  We were all having a great time!!  We were driving 2 separate cars so Pete and I split kids and hit the back roads of Alabama.  We called each other every 10 minutes saying.."Did you see that deer?" or "That little BBQ place looked awesome".

The next day we arrived at the hottest place on the planet, West Tennessee....I had never seen such beautiful  HOT land before.  It was so pretty but it was the hottest day I have ever lived through and I am sad to say that Tennessee will always make me think of melting to death!!!  My friend Kathy was amazing and we enjoyed our last home cooked meals for days!!

I will not torture you with every mile that proceeded Tennessee, but just realize I WAS TORTURED!!  And I will tell you why...
I am SPOILED...Pete has ALWAYS driven on long car rides.  I have always stayed well rested beside him!!  This was not the case with this car trip.  And not to give you to much detail but, I was car sick the entire way.  The older I get the more constant motion really bothers me and I have to say being the driver no longer is the cure for my motion

I no longer was making cute phone calls to Pete in the VOLVO in front of me.  I was now begging him to tell that GPS to get us to where we were going and could I PLEASE pull over to puke..or nap..or maybe both.
He was amazing and probably thanking God he was in his own car blaring John Denver so he did not have to hear me complain for 2 days straight!! As I sit and write this I realize it was only two days and yet it felt like 20.  Who knew it was going to take 94 million hours to get from Mobile to Virginia?

We finally stopped driving and  pulled into a small cabin on the Shenandoah River about 1 hour from our new house. We had to kill a few days before closing and we decided to hang out at the River.  We had a great time and tried to enjoy just hanging out before we closed on Friday...

But I have a hard time just hanging out.  I like to constantly be moving forward and I wanted so much to get finished with the business of moving. But I did enjoy the moments we were in.  They were sprinkled with happy thoughts and some slippery tears..excited to be here..sad to be gone..what a mix!!

We finally made it to last Friday, June 17, when we signed a lot of papers in a very fancy office with all 5 kids and we only spilled 2 cups of water on the conference table while we were there.  We made the closing guy so nervous he forgot to give us half of our papers.  Pete and I were so excited to finally get the keys to our new house we didn't even notice.  We drove home and the kids ran SCREAMING AROUND the house.  WE WERE HOME!!!

I have left out so much, which really you should be grateful for.  Little things come back to me about those days from last week.  The fact that we were in Virginia about 15 minutes before Lucy got her first tick is something that I never thought would be part of this journey.  Leaving a town full of friends to pull into a great place where I know Nobody, hard..very hard!!  
We lived in our EMPTY house for about 6 days before  our movers came on Wednesday .  We now have officially unpacked 90% of our things and have eaten MOST of our meals at home.  We have a long way to go before we feel settled but we are glad to have made it this far.

I hate to admit that today was a bit sad for me..I woke up feeling ...
lonely.  Just...alone.  Pete got right to work unpacking and I followed his lead.  All I kept thinking was..
"I have so much to do and all I want to do is go back to bed!"

A few hours later, after I allowed myself to feel sorry for myself, I got a phone call from another Coast Guard wife who is going to be living right near us.  We talked for while and by the time I got off the phone I was feeling much better.

I get energy from people.  Being around people makes me...happy!!  I need me some people!! 
I know it will take time..and I know I have to be patient.  I will, I promise!!  But the bottom line is it's hard for me and I need to work on I will and in the meantime..
so thank you and I promise I will try to take a picture of the front of the house in the daylight..until then...
I miss you Mobile!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Leaving Part 1

Monday I sorted, organized and prepared our home to be packed up in brown boxes with lots of brown paper...

Tuesday morning I walked the packers through the house and introduced them to some things that I need to arrive books...

And all the small pieces of white that mean the world to me..

They were kind and I know they packed well.  In the midst of all of this Lucy turned 4.  We did the best to make her feel like the day was for her and for Lucy that was easy..Lucy thinks all the days are just for her. But keeping Lucy the focus of the day helped keep us all focus less on the emptiness that was occurring at our house.

So here we are, the eve of departure.  Most hard goodbye's have been said...

People have been so sweet and I am humbled by the kind words and acts of affection.  How can we drive away?  How can we re-make friends like these?

How do we ever tell people how much they meant to we will miss them..and how much we thank them....

But alas we must.  Without the military we would not have to move, but even more important to remember, without the military we would have never met. 

And the story continues...the people we leave behind will always be with us because they were such a big part of our story. The story will not end with some of them...but for the Little White House That Grew....

the truck is loaded and the walls are empty...

And somehow my kids found one last hole to dig in before we left...thank you!!