Tuesday, May 17, 2011

School's Out For Summer..

I have been needing to write this post for awhile. I just have not found the time to reflect much lately.  We are done with our school year.  We finished last Wednesday and it has been Introduction to Summer ever since.  WE have loved it!! So how did this year go? 

I would have to start with ..this year went.  I think this may have been the hardest year for me yet.  This year was the first year that I had 5 full time people to deal with.  I no longer had 2 little ones that napped 2 times a day.  I had 2 older kids that needed mama and 3 little kids that REALLY needed mama.  I was torn all year and sometimes I fell apart and had a hard time putting the pieces back together.  I wanted to quit more days than not.  I thought more about school this year than I had ever in the past.  I prayed for God to let me feel ready to do traditional school...but He never did.

I cried to Pete and whoever would listen, "I can't do this anymore!"  But I never gave up.  I can say that now.  Now that this school year is over I can look back and say I never gave up.  I never skipped a day because I "did not want to do school".  I knew if I did that it would be a house of cards.  Some days I just went through the motions...but I did all the motions I needed to.  I am not proud of every day of this past year...but I am proud I got through it.  I am here..done!
I hope for better but I know I did my best this year.  Maybe my best was not as good as it could have been..but boy I tried and in the end I know my kids learned a lot and I know I have.

I learned that home schooling is a job.  I have a full time job and some days I did not feel like going to work, just like some days Pete does not feel like flying, just like some days I don't feel like cooking.  But I prayed my way through and looked for hope when I had the strength.  This all may sound dramatic, but it was dramatic this year and I praying for less drama next year.
There will be a next year.  I am not giving up.  I believe in the classical education I am trying to give my kids and as hard as it may be I want to keep working at it.  I will take this summer and indulge in long mornings and mid day-outing that I miss during the school year.  I will take the kids to mass in the mornings and not rush back to start school.  I will stay up late and run in the afternoons.  I will enjoy this break and at the end of it I know I will be ready to start again.  And next year will be better than this year..it has to be.  Kids are getting older, screaming is lessening and maturity is taking hold.  All that helps right???

And probably the best part of next year is the addition of this little guy..he will start the fun and amazing adventure of Kindergarten..what a joy that will be...
But for now I am sewing every spare minute I can ...knitting when the time allows and soaking in the moments of "nothing to have to do" because this season will pass just as fast as it has arrived...
So here's to all the hard working mama's who look forward to summer either because they get their kids back, or get some time for themselves back..we all work hard for these kids and we all need to be proud of the year we have gone through...


  1. I have had years like that. It will happen. Usually it is a sign for me that I need to change things up a bit. I know you said you are dedicated to "classical" education, but don't discredit other methods. I found that sometimes doing a bit of this and a bit of that keeps us all fresh. Even doing it in seasons, I guess, you could say. Or maybe even interpspressing your breaks throughout the year. Next year that is what we are going to try. One month breaks at Christmas, Easter, and Summer.
    I am glad you aren't giving up! You will be happy you did stick with it and your family will be closer for it.
    God bless!

  2. GOOD FOR YOU LISA~ and your children!! We have 1 week left...and we are sort of going through the motions!! I am not sure what grades your kids are in, but this year we DID do the CAT/5 test for my 3rd and 5th grader...a bit scary BUT the results were just what we ALL NEEDED!! They are learning!!! Both tested way above their grade level. I am relatively new at this, so seeing how well they did was Wonderful! Our next goal is to somehow RELAX a bit and try to figure in a few more fun trips during school....next year I will have a 2nd, 4th and 6th so it might be a bit tricky....You should be very proud of your accomplishments....I am sure you are doing a FANTASTIC job!! Have fun in the sun and have a safe move!