Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Post With No Name

I always find that creating the title of posts so fun to think up.  I love trying to be clever or "cheeky" with my title.  But for today I have no catchy title.  All I have is EVERYTHING that has been my life as of late.

Molly making her communion was just the beginning of what has been our life lately.  I thrive on being busy.  I love my life full.  I know everyday can't be a superstar day...but I like trying to get close.

Seeing the girls on stage this past weekend was a moment in time that I hope they never forget.  They really soaked in everything this experience gave them.  They loved belonging to a group of people with the same goal in mind.  They loved working together towards the big day when the play would finally be on the big stage.

And they did a great job. It always amazes me the amount of time and energy people are willing to put into things for children.  What a generous spirit people have who work so hard to give kids these memories and opportunities.

Being apart of baseball with Jack this past few months was really fun for all of us.  But what I mostly felt was the spirit of giving.  These men who coach these leagues give so much to these kids.  They really want them to do well.  They give freely of their time and energy.  Not to say their is not nonsense involved in youth baseball...there most certainly is.  I just really feel amazed at what people are willing to do for kids.  We are a lucky nation!! That's the feeling I have as we wrap up T-ball season 2011.....

All these life making moments are squeezed in between my new obsession with sewing.  I stayed up until 11:30 Saturday night (very late for me) making a skirt for ME to wear on Mother's Day...I have to say I did an "OK" job.  I know my weaknesses and they come through loud and clear in my hem lines.  I wanted to finish so the hem suffered dearly..but I finished and was dying for the morning to roll around so I could ......

TWIRL in my wrap circle skirt in the grass with a car parked in the background..very Sound of Music"ish"
The picture was taken by Emily and the lighting was I did what I always do when the color is bad..I go black and white and sharpen edges so I can share without being to horrified of the quality of the picture....sorry back to the post at hand...

So I got up this morning and slapped my skirt on, which by the way was a little big because I added to many panles and I did not lengthen the ties, and I begged Pete to take my picture, and he did and I feel the need to walk you through some of these....

Pete is tall and most of his pictures are taken from an angle that I do not love..however, I am grateful for this picture so I will move on to the next....

I have now asked Emily to take a picture of Pete and me and whatever children have a smile were allowed be photographed.  I had to crop out 2 people not in compliance with the 2nd part of the request..sorry Lucy ...sorry Priscilla
Also please excuse the background.  When I am desperate for my picute to be taken I can not delay by finding the right background.  I just need people seated, smiles ready and a guy clickin' to camera.

This particular blouse that I choose to accompany my new skirt is always a bugger when it comes to staying tucked just won't. I am currenly looking for a new white blouse to take this one's place.

Here is where I asked for a full body shot, not something normally requested by a mom of 5....but the skirt was the focus and I was feeling lovely!!!

And then I thought it would be a good idea to rest my cheek on Emily's head and give myself a fat wrinkle. Oh well, she looks great and why not share.  Maybe nobody will notice the fat wrinkle..anyone? anyone?

And finally, I did not have to make lunch after mass today and that is worth blogging about plus this is another shot of my skirt...
After lunch I fixed my skirt to have the ties on the side.  I think this was a good move, one I wish I made earlier in the day. 

So that's it.  A little bit of everything.  Days filled with fun.  Moments that will bring us joy for years to come.  A skirt that made my day.  A family that I get to celbrate with and everything in between..what do you call all of that???
A really long post with way to many pictures.  But who would want to read that???


  1. It looks like an amazing week! Congrats to the stage stars. :) I love how you cropped out the un-smilers. hahaha! Great, great skirt!!

  2. I just love little boys in their baseball uniforms! Too cute! I especially love the picture of Pete cheering for Jack!

    The skirt is ADORABLE!! I love the fabric and the style! Very nice work! And you look fabulous in it!

    The picture of you and your 5 babies brought a tear to my eye... beautiful! Of course, I cracked up at the next one that had to be "cropped"! Too funny! As I continued to scroll down, I was really struck by the one of you, Molly, and Emily. I thought, "Wow, she's gorgeous! Lisa really has it together for a mother of 5 (or any number, for that matter)!" Then I read your comment about the cheek wrinkle and dyed laughing! Clearly, you are the only one that saw that!

    Beautiful pictures, Lisa! There can never be too many!

  3. Did you post about where you got this skirt pattern? I don't remember, but I LOVE it!!!!! Will you e-mail me with the info? You look fantastic!