Monday, May 30, 2011

Lots To Say..Little Pictures To Share

(photo by Molly )
First I would like to thank the 5 people who read my last blog post..ONE WEEK AGO!!  I appreciate you coming and reading even though I have been less than consistent with my blogging lately...but to those 4 readers, and my mom who never comments..let me explain...
(Another Molly Original)
I refuse to start my explanation with the lame excuse that I have been busy...we are all busy and people with a lot more to do than me find time to blog. So I won't start there.  I will just say I know my limits and there is only SO much I can handle while still maintaining a standard I have created for myself.  And I have recently become completely OBSESSED with sewing. Obsessed in the sense that I have decided I no longer need to bother with goods that are not handmade.  I realize that is the most ridiculous thing to even say..but those are the thoughts I have been having lately.

So you might think with all the sewing I have been doing I would have a few pictures to show you of the things I have been making...w..e...l...l...that is the problem..I have such tunnel vision I have not even opened my camera lens cap in over 7 days. And my blogging time has been taken over by me googling certain patterns and reading every blog post ever written about that pattern..super fun...super time consuming.
And here I sit Monday night, committed to NOT sit in front of my sewing machine, instead I am going to try some hand stitching. That is after I tell you all every thought I have had this week..not really..just a few thoughts.

All this week I have had such a sense of gratitude to the blog world.  I am sure people have stated this much better than I am about to, but blogs are like an old time community of washer women who would wash clothes in the town square and share all their talents with their neighbors.  Because all they had was each other to go to to learn something. People knew how to do things back then.  Girls were raised with skills that provided necessities for their families and created commonality with other women. They needed to know something and they knew the person to go to.  We have that today, just not around the town well.  We have that in blogs with people who share things and inspire others to try new things.

Eighteen months ago I did not know how to hold a knitting needle or change a presser foot on a sewing machine.  I had no idea what an embroidery hoop was used for or how to use a needle threader.  And now I can't get enough...I want to drink it all in.  I want to fill my mind and time with these skills and learn everything that I can.  And I want to pass these things on to my girls and fill their world with the pleasure of making beautiful things.  I really thank the blog world for showing me women who can do so much and being so generous in their sharing.

And with all that being said I am focusing this week on finding a good balance.  I can really get myself going in to many directions and things start to slip between the cracks.  Another words I can get carried away..I can get lost and focused to the point of complete self absorption.  I still have 5 kids. I still am moving in 21 days.  I still home school (even though I am on GLORIOUS summer break...fall is around the corner). 
And I still want to blog.  I want to take pictures and share with you the fact that I made the same pattern 3 times this weekend  each time trying to get the fit different.  And finally last night after attempt #3 I figured out I was a different size on the top and bottom and I can cut the pieces to fit my parts...I know you want to know that...well one or two of you might find it interesting.  But sharing opens us all up to new things and even the silliest thing shared can make a big difference to someone.

Thanks for reading..even if there are only about 5 people left here!!! I love all 5 of you!!


  1. I'm still here. :) You make me laugh, Lisa. I feel the same way with my obsessions and I'm glad that I had my mother and grandmother to teach me so many of those old-worldly things. I can't wait to see more of your sewing.

  2. I think you should definitely do some more blogging about your sewing adventures! I would love to get into that, but don't even know where to begin. It seems like a very practical skill to have though!

  3. Love your blog. Hope you will tie into a Catholic home school gropup in VA and we might meet! I love to sew too and studied fashion design in college, I just rtcently started trying to knit. I used a knitting machine in my college days. Knitting is frustrating when your 4 year old unravels your work! He probably realized how awful my stitches were and was trying to get me to start over!

  4. I love watching you and your family face the challenges of life!

  5. I love your posts! I have my 8th baby on the way, and just like you, I tend to get obsessed with new hobbies! I thank God for my wonderful husband who puts up with it all! Good luck with your upcoming move, and don't feel bad if blogging gets pushed to the side sometimes. We'll still be here!

  6. I read your blog and really enjoy! I am not good at posting comments though. Sorry!

  7. I read your blog through my reader so I don't know if comes up on your count or not. :^) I love your pictures and your witty blogging. You make me smile every time I am able to catch up. Your pictures are beautiful but then you have beautiful children to take pictures of. I am not a knitter but a crocheter, but I love to see your new creations too. Good luck w/ your move. Can't wait to read all about it. (see pictures too) :^)