Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Finally..A Yarn Along

It has been awhile since I have been able to pull together a yarn along post.  Things have really heated up around here and my computer time has about vanished.
I am really loving all the things I have been doing so it is hard to say I have missed blogging.  Since becoming a plogger 2 years ago I have learned so much and essentially have  become a different person.

A person who loves to knit, sew and now embroider.  And my thanks go to many of you who participate in Ginny's yarn along.  I have been so inspired by all of you and now I am doing all the things I read about...and I love it.  However, I can't seem to find time to "do it all"....darn.

So for today I am sharing what I have been reading.  First up, I am reading Little Women to the 2 oldest girls.  We are loving it. Growing up I never read Little Women and now I get to with my own Meg and Jo.  Super fun!!

And every second in between I am reading anything I can about sewing. I have checked out lots of books from the library and bought some for myself.  I am up late at night reading patterns and trying to absorb all that I can before I begin a project.
And when I just can't stand it any longer I cuddle up with Pete on the couch and work on my Cloe Shrug that I read about from this yarn along

Kinda moving slow with it and staying hopeful that it will look as cute as the pattern picture.  I have loved knitting with the Spud and Cloe yarn.

And finally, the most exciting thing I have created on a hoop is this little chicken pictured above.  This little guy was my first attempt at hand embroidery...I am now addicted...

And the best part is I am teaching the girls how to do it as well.  I can't believe I have lived my whole life without knowing this much pleasure could come from string and needles.

Thank you all for being such an inspiration!!!

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  1. you keep me inspired!! Thanks for sharing

  2. Your embroidery is fantastic! I have started doing that a bit too and really love it but never get to it. You've inspired me to get back.

    And I love that Spud & Chloe yarn. I knit the baby a sweater with it and I can throw it in the washing machine on gentle and it always looks great.

  3. Embroidery is fun and it's great that you are teaching the girls. Sewing with St. Anne is a very inspirational book and a great part of an old-fashioned homeschool curriculum.

    I made my daughter some embroidered pillowcases last year and they are a treasure! Simple treasure.

  4. If we were in the same town we would be buddies....we so like the same things. If only there were more time to do all the things burning a hole in my brain. I have started blogging once a week as there is no time to do it all. Cheers to the ladies that can! Tell us your secrets!