Monday, May 23, 2011

Count Down To Move Date!!

We keep getting closer and closer to the day I knew was coming for 4 years..moving day.  We keep saying to ourselves, "This is the last time we will do ____________ in Mobile."
And people keep asking me..."Are you guys getting ready?"
That question can be answered in many ways.  We have been getting ready to move into a new house for 6 months now.  So, we are ready to get to our new home, but in so many ways we are not ready to leave.

Alabama has changed me, just like Alaska did, just like California did.  I have become such a different version of the person I was 4 years ago.  I keep walking myself down memory lane and feeling so touched by all the memories we have made here.
Alabama is Lucy and Priscilla's home.  Lucy was born in Alaska but moved here when she was 4 weeks old.  Priscilla was born here.  I have lost 3 babies here.  I have bought and sold a house here, lived in 3 rentals and gone to countless Catholic churches.

I have been a Little Flower leader, a book club organizer (and go-er), a mom unleashed with a new camera, a blogger, a knitter, and now a sewer.  I have run many miles around my neighborhood and logged ridiculous hours in the gym.  I have bought 5 couches, 1 dishwasher, 2 dryers and 1 washer since moving here. We had a fire and lost EVERYTHING and now I have filled our home with the new every way.

I made great friends while I have been here and lost 2 good ones (not to death in flesh..just lost in spirit).  I have cried here and laughed here. I have wanted to leave and wanted to stay all in the same conversation.  I have celebrated many sacraments here and met amazing priests here.

The fun thing about moving is you get to re-invent yourself..the hard thing about moving is...
you HAVE to re-invent yourself, start from scratch, build from nothing.

So for now I keep busy.  I live each day knowing these days are coming to an end for us here in Alabama.  I try to swim at the pool and not think about leaving it.  I sit at piano recitals and try not to think of it being our last one with our beloved piano teacher.....
And looks like I write dramatic blog posts while Pete watches AN AWFUL show from Netflix....


  1. When is the actual move date? I will need to update my address book for you all for your bday cards!!! We are so excited for you!!

  2. I was hoping you'd post photos of the tea at St Catherine's since I didn't have a camera. You take such great pictures

  3. hi- happy moving! hope it goes smoothly:) I love that part of the country-- i bet you guys will love it there! anna

  4. I know it's always hard to leave, but I'm excited to get you up here! Please call on me to help when you get here!

  5. You have such a gift with words. Moving can be such a hard thing for a family, but your words truly make it what it is...a new chapter. Blessaings.