Monday, April 4, 2011

This Is A Plea To My Love

So, I may have mentioned that we are moving in a few minutes, I mean months.  As we are about to embark on more bedrooms I have been concerned with filling them with bedroom type stuff.  I have some furniture that will be perfect for certain people in certain rooms, but I need more things now that each child will have their own room.

In addition to everyone having their own room I am saying farewell to my laundry/clothing storage situation.  A few years ago my friend Tammy revolutionized my life in a time when I was desperate for revolution. She taught me her simple answer to cleaning and organizing 7 (now 9 )kids clothing.  She kept every one's clothes out of their rooms and stored all together in one area.  In that area everyone had their own plastic pull out drawers.  Ideally this area should be stationed close to the laundry room so when folding is taking place clothes get put directly into the owners drawer. This was such a blessing to me for so many years.

At one point I was doing all the dressing for all 5 kids and keeping things in one location SAVED MY LIFE.  But things have changed now.  Almost all my kids are able to get dressed on their own and they need to reach their own drawers.  All of this leads me to say, I need drawers for all 5 kids.  So right now I am CONSUMED with finding furniture to move with.  However, my plastic drawers are all breaking and I would like to have all drawers with me on the moving van and sooner would be better in this situation.

And looking for furniture is somewhat of an obsession of mine anyway.  But here is where I begin to make my plea...
You see Pete wants all new drawers for the kids....nothing used or "old".  He hates the way the drawers open..or sometimes don't.  I get that!!  I want drawers that open...but I want them to be cute...and I would like to have some money left over for a towel or two..
We have priced all new drawers at Haverty's...each dresser is $480
Then yesterday we went to an unfinished wood furniture place....way better...
Dresser w/ mirror about $500
5 drawer dresser w/ no mirror $300 
Still...WOW!!  That adds up really quick and I still have no bed for Jack.

But today I went to my favorite store on earth and found dressers..CUTE and draws open.  I can get 3 for the price of 1!!!  Plus I LOVE THEM.  I love looking for this stuff and pulling it all together. I have so much fun changing pieces around and mix and matching certain pieces.  And if I can paint a piece of furniture ...I am in furniture addicts HEAVEN!!

I know Pete wants drawers on rollers...but these drawers are so cute and I can get us closer to that BRAND NEW REAL LAWN MOWER if we do this the fun, let Lisa shop and paint old furniture way.
I will compromise and promise to NOT buy Jack's bed in one of my junk stores.  I will buy him the bunk from the wood shop that I can paint.

And if Pete absolutely HATES living with affordable drawers that don't have rollers I promise to have a huge garage sale in Virginia and buy brand spanking new ones.  But for now I really want to try and do this for a fraction of the price we set out to spend..just think of all the other fun stuff we can do with the LOADS of extra money laying around.

I hope I can convince him that this could work, and work well.  I want to be a furniture hunter for the next 12 weeks....

What fun!! I just wish I had my friend Tammy here to help me.  She was AMAZING with pulling things together for nothing!!  Come back to me..please...just 12 weeks is all I need.


  1. Ok, so spill it!! What's your favorite store??!!

  2. Fun Fun! I wish I lived closer to furniture shop with you:) I like old and painted too, but I get Pete...those rollers are nice! Good luck.. It'll all work out.

  3. Have fun with your furniture shopping & painting! I love doing that sort of stuff. And I must know too...what is your favorite store??!

  4. Don't forget to try Craigslist...we have sold a lot of stuff through that...and bought a loft bed that has a trundle, drawers, desk, and closet all in it for a fraction of the price! CC

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