Monday, April 18, 2011

Things I Hate

I try and be positive on this blog.  I know life is not always full of sunshine and lolly pops, at least mine isn't.  I try and focus on the good in life and get the most out of every situation..but I am human and there are things that make my life difficult or just plain annoy me.  I thought I would share them with you tonight.  I have been away from blogging the last few days and some of these things just build up while I am in no particular order here are a few things I just HATE!!
1. Waiting

2. Running out of time

3. Forgetting

4. Never being early at things because my children will either get completely filthy while waiting or have a melt down before the event gets started.

5. Sad boy eyes that can't start to feel better because he keeps getting ear infections.

6. Little girls who get hair cuts that do not suit them and me hating to wait for it to grow out.

7.  Driving to Florida and seeing major tax dollars wasted on ridiculously expensive electronic  road signs that say things like, "Exit 2A 6 minutes ahead". Just in case I missed the really cheap green non-electric sign that said "Exit 2A 4 miles ahead".  The money that went into that sign calculating the minutes it will take me to drive 4 miles is the most annoying thing I have ever seen on a highway in the middle of NOWHERE.

8. Having conversations with good public school teachers who truly want to teach children how to think and learn and the state cripples them with focusing 3/4 of the year on standardized testing.  Not all schools, not all states and not all districts are the same.  But this style of education is becoming more and more the norm...annoying!!

9. Probably the most annoying, taking 500 pictures of Priscilla and mostly getting the back of her head or a blur of her body.  Yes, this is just as annoying as wasted tax dollars and poor education practices.

10. And for #10 both sad and annoying...
Us NOT living near family and only getting to "visit" these people who we love and miss all the time.

 I also wanted to beg you all to go and read my friend Kathy's blog.  While I was out of town this weekend she wrote a post about me and I can't tell you how her words made me see I am always amazed when someone actually likes me.

Thank you Kathy for those kind words and more importantly for liking me and letting me be your friend.  God gives us who we need when we need them..and He knew I needed you


  1. What a nice tribute from your friend! I know it will be hard to leave her, but I don't know why you find it so shocking to be liked! All those things she said about you are true!

    Also, how adorable are your children in their matching outfits?! Where in the world did you find matching dresses in all those sizes as well as a matching shirt for Jack?? I love it!!

  2. Love your pictures...even Priscilla's:) I read Kathy's article the day she posted and thought how nice it was. You are not only liked, but loved by so many.

  3. I'm with you on #7 and #8, and for the record, I think Priscilla (and her hair) are absolutely adorable. :)

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