Monday, April 11, 2011

Obsession #395

I decided NOT to wear the amazing vintage dress next weekend.  Honestly, it was REALLY tight and I figured I would have to move a bit.  I would hate to NOT hold my little Luke because my dress would not allow for arm movement.  Those little housewives from 1960 really had their game on.

Fashion has been on the forefront of my mind lately.  Fashion for me and fashion for my home.  I mentioned in the last post I got some sewing books.  Last week I became inspired to sew my own skirts.  A blogger I read Dig This Chick sewed this adorable skirt from the Weekend Sewing book.  Something came over me and I ordered the book instantly.

You may be wondering, do you sew Lisa?  A     V...E...R...Y...little bit..not really, but kinda.
So I spent all weekend pouring through my new books and asking every female friend of mine if they sewed and if they could help me make this skirt.

Sunday afternoon I found a friend who was willing to help me.  She met me at the fabric store today to help me pick out a good fabric to start with.  And of course I had all 5 shadows with me and I left the store feeling like my head was going to explode.  I also left with 3 to 4 extra projects.  I figured going to the fabric store with my little ones was pretty torturous, why do it again anytime soon.

Now begins my obsession with all things sewn.  I need to take a moment here to recap the obsessions I have gained from blogging..reading them and writing them.
It all started with me wanting to take pictures like this mama...
Which led me to wanting to take pictures AND knit like this mama
And then I decided I wanted to dress like this mama
All while making meatballs like this mama
Which leads me to this post and me wanting to sew like this mama 

Blogging has brought me so much inspiration.  I have explored more about the things I want to do and learn about all from these women who have become a part of my life..some of them I know...most I don't.  But I am loving the things they have inspired me to do and try.
Yes blogging takes time, energy and effort.  Some times I feel bad if I think it is taking away from my family time.  But when I really think about it my family has gained a better wife and mother through the things I read from some really great women!!


  1. I love that all your inspirations just so happen to be fabulous photographers, but with other incredible talents as well! I need to learn to take inspiration from women like that too, instead of just feeling inferior as I try to keep my children alive and my house standing!

  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing your new skirt! I have the book too and have wanted to try it.

    I have been going through the same thing with "obsessions". There is so much inspiration out there. Keep trying new things!

  3. I can SO relate to this and almost every blog you stated started my obsession too!! I'm still on the knitting obsession. But I do have a sewing machine :) Photography is a constant battle. I tell myself it's all in the tools...and the tools are expensive! Hey, we try:))

  4. Hey Lisa- if you need any tips or inspiration, I started my own blog you can check out for sewing info: I've been putting past projects up and I'm trying to post new ones as I go. Stop by sometime!

  5. Another great sewing blog that always inspires me is Tearose Home. I don't know the exact address offhand but if you Google that you'll find her. She makes $2 worth of shirts look like a $50 shirt. I have her link on my blog- it's on the post "Turn your wet t-shirt into your church shirt". I have a few other sewing blogs I follow if you need any more. Just send me an email: and I'll put all the links together.