Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Yarn Along To Report..Just White Paint

Like always I have changed obsessions this week.  I have gone furniture painting crazy.  These are the days Pete takes his special possessions to work because he is afraid to come home to them painted with sanded edges.

I have sworn to leave all things related to males in a color more suited to them.
But I have lots of girls who can have white painted furniture and I am happy to provide.

This is one of those times when I wish I were a big blogger like Pioneer Woman or Soule Mama.  When they post pictures of the dust webs in the corner of their homes they get 5000 comments telling them that is the most amazing dust web ever and can they please know that we all want dust webs that amazing.

I like feedback and when Pete walks in the door and sees a completed project he walks right by it.  I have to admit that ANOTHER piece of white furniture does not exactly stick out around here, but I need it to be noticed.  After I ask him, "Pete is that not the most amazing thing you have ever seen?  Can you believe that just a few hours ago each drawer was painted a different pastel color with horrid knobs?"

(awaiting new holes for the knobs)
"That's really great Lease. How much and do the drawers open?"

But now on the very top of my list...a new open front cabinet to store great quantities of yarn.
As I look at the lat few posts and the header on top (which is severely outdated) I realize there is a lot of white on this page...maybe a name change is in order...
The Little White House That Grew...


  1. Oh my gosh! I am drooling! Oh, and the PW/SM comment almost made me spit out my drink. How right you are. LOL.

  2. I love all the white furniture!...and the cute new blog name too... ;)

  3. You did a great job! I love the white furniture. I'm on the look out for an old desk to paint.

    I'm knitting again, and loving it. So frustrated though because my knitting store was out of the size needles I need....such a let down!

    So true about PW/SM...hilarious!

  4. you stress furniture beautifully! I need instructions! The drawers look beautiful!

  5. You did a great job and the photos are terrific! My hubby does the same thing...have to laugh about it.