Friday, April 8, 2011

Me..Copy Cat

This is one of those days that my face hurts by noon from smiling so much.  I was bursting to tell someone what exactly was making me so...giddy.  Well, I have a family event to go to next weekend in Florida.  I am going to be a Godmother to my new little nephew.  I wanted something fabulous to wear for the big day.  I shopped around a little this past week which left me feeling completely uninspired by what the world had to offer me.

So, I decided to be resourceful and call in some help.....
Enter Betty Beguiles.  She is the queen of Catholic fashion and I happen to live a stones throw away from her.  I bribed her with lunch and a play date all the while begging her to bring some of her dresses hoping to borrow something new for the baptism....or not so new.  She loves vintage clothing and has the dresses to prove it.

She did not disappoint. Friday morning in walks Betty with an arm full of dresses.  Not wanting to look to desperate I fed everyone first and then we had so much fun while I tried on her vintage dresses.  Well I guess I should say...I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!  It was so fun having a completely different look.  And then guess what???  She did a quick vintage hair style just to complete the look.  I took the horrible picture below to try and show you just how VINTAGE I LOOKED...CAN YOU TELL?  CAN YOU TELL?
She folded, twisted and swooped up my hair threw in a few bobby pins and I was instantly Gidget.  I am just amazed and feeling ripped off at the same time...I want to live in 1950.  I want to prance around in heals and great dresses all day.  The dresses were so ..classy..the shoes so...classy.

But here I am 2011 an age I like very much.  An age when you can see another persons blog, see the book she is using to create her amazing wardrobe and have it delivered the next afternoon.  If I am nothing else, I am a great copy cat.  Show me something cool and I want to copy.

Who knows if I can, but I can have fun trying.

My next big question is, do I have the guts to wear a dress from 1960 to a baptism in 2011.  Mind you the people at this baptism are some pretty snappy dressers.  Maybe I will take Betty with me and then I won't feel so alone in my fabulous vintage dress

I will let you know.  Until then I am wishing you a weekend filled with hurting faces..hurting from smiling so hard..


  1. go ahead and wear it! You will look adorable!

  2. You look so good in that dress it would be a crime not to! Just ask Pete. I guarantee he'll agree with me. :)

    I can't wait to see pictures!

  3. You got to wear it! I have the vision in my mind and it looks GREAT!!