Friday, April 1, 2011

If I Were To Make Pete's Top Ten List About Me

I kinda like the idea of making blog posts by having a set number of things to say.  So I have inspired myself to do yet another list...
This time I am making a list called:
 Top Ten Things I THINK  Pete Thinks You Should Know About Me
By: Me

#1 Since Lisa has had  the van she has run over EVERY curb in town at least 10 times and she doesn't seem to mind.

#2 She spends 1 hour in the bathroom EVERY morning and every time she gets a hair cut she claims "This style will really cut down on my time in the bathroom."  It NEVER does. 

#3 I get super nervous when she says, "Pete, I was just thinking..." which usually leads to me having to spend money that was not "in the plan".

#4 When Lisa decides she likes something there is no turning back, for a little while at least.  In the beginning of our marriage she liked sunflowers so we had sunflower EVERYTHING.  Now the obsession is with white plates and bowls...and white everything.  Not a color that jives well with 5 ketchup lovin' dirt diggin' kiddos.

#5 When Lisa does all the girls hair it can take up to another FULL HOUR in the bathroom.

#6 Because of reasons #2 and #5 she convinced me she needed a $150 blow dryer. Even though I don't remember agreeing!

#7 When Lisa used to sit next to me in the booth's of restaurants I was always a bit uncomfortable.  Although I thought she was adorable for adoring me so much I found it uncomfortable to stretch my neck when talking to her.  Plus she uses a lot of salt on her food and sometimes the salt would spill on the seat and make it even more uncomfortable.  I was happy when the move was made to sitting across from each other.

#8 One time before we had kids Lisa told me she thought she had a future in the personal organizer field.  You know, helping people organize their lives and personal affairs.  I was shocked at this dream of hers and I suggested she start with the junk drawer in our kitchen.  This dream still seems to be on hold because we now have 2 junk drawers.

#9 She is the only woman I know that gets mad when her husband vacuums.  She says it makes her feel like I am cleaning up behind her, like she is not doing enough.  I tell her over and over again...I just see it needs to be vacuumed so I DO IT..nothing more than that.  I hope she believes me because she is an amazing house keeper and I can't imagine her getting any better  (italised remarks may be an embellishment  on behalf of the author).

#10 I get excited every time my caller ID says it is Lisa calling because I know she always has such great things to share with me.  Call anytime sweety!!

So that's list on what I think Pete would want to say.  I am sure his own list would be much better but we will just have to see if he writes his own list one day!!
Have A Great Top 10 Making Weekend


  1. This cracks me up! I liked the other list about Pete, but this is 100 times funnier. And so honest that I couldn't stop laughing.

  2. And I TOTALLY get the vacuuming thing. I hate when my husband, who spends all day at work while I'm supposed to be keeping house, starts straightening things up. That's my territory, and it makes me feel sub-par as a housewife... which perhaps I am...

  3. this is so funny. nicely done! You have me laughing out loud.

  4. I soo remember the sunflowers!! Funny little post!

  5. I thought I was the only one who feels like that when my husband vacuums! Loved this.

  6. Oh this is so cute Lisa :) Thanks so much for starting my day with a good giggle! Have a blessed weekend :)

  7. What a fun, fun post!! I love it!! I especially love #10 - I can picture my husband saying exactly the same thing ;)