Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bows, Bows and More Bows

Did I mention my mom is here ....

And she just taught herself to make bows out of ribbons and flowers out of ribbons....

So in all of our spare time we have been ribbon shopping and bow making...

And I have figured out that I can put a bow on almost anything and it will look cute...

It is so funny how making things is so simple once someone shows you how to do it...and to think of all the bow money I have spent in the past and I could have easily made them myself.

So far I have learned knitting, basic sewing, and now bow making.

Pretty cool!!


  1. i just learned (self taught) myself how to make a basic clamped hair bow....out of dire need. my 2 year old has less hair than her 1 year old cousin and i am getting tired of the "is your boy wearing a pink/floral dress" look -and questions. she is a girl! people can be so slow. i learned this quite well when she was sitting in a buggy at age 6 months with her 2 1/2 year old brother, who was almost 3 times her size, and a lady looked at them, from 5 feet away mind you, and said, "look, twins!" and yes, she was serious. but i digress. you are right about the price of hair bows. i am hoping to get better at it, but am happy with what i have made so far. they look very close to "store bought" and i am not ashamed for her to be seen in church with them. what more could i ask, right? p.s. i LOVE your blog. glad my sister wrote about it. enjoy your visit with your mom.

  2. Lisa-- I think your mom should do a blog post tutorial on how to make bows! Hers look FABULOUS. I want to learn how to make those flowers on top of the bows!!