Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Better Than I Could Ever Be

So much of what they will become depends on who I am right now.  What am I showing them?  What am I teaching them.

If I want them to work hard they have to see me working hard.  If I want them to be passionate about life they need to see what that looks like.  They need to know that being passionate means working at something even when it gets hard.

My mom taught me so much without ever saying a word. She got up every morning, got herself ready and started her day.  She was always busy, always moving forward.   I grew up not knowing any other way.  She showed me who I was to become.

I want to do an even better job than my mom did.  And ultimately I want these kids to do an even better job than I am doing.  That's what this is all about right? 

I want them to see me practice joy.  I want them to see me work through hard times.  I want them to hear me say I was wrong and please forgive me.  I want to be gentle with them.  But what I want the most is for them to be even better than I could ever be.