Saturday, April 30, 2011

All Things Sewn

I proudly present to you the reason I have not been blogging, cooking or food shopping....

I have been making skirts..not just one but a grand total of 6 skirts.

I am just now celebrating the one week anniversary since the completion of my very first is mine and not pictured above because nobody can take my picture right now to show you.  I am sure I can model it for you soon.

I got a simple Simplity pattern and quickly whipped up my first skirt skipping the first 9 steps where they direct you to make pockets.  It looked a little trickey so I skipped it.  I did not want the pockets to get in the way of me wearing a skirt I made myself to Mass last Sunday.  I am so glad I skipped that step and jumped right into the skirt.  Since last Saturday I have added little tricks to spice up the simple pattern.  In Molly's skirt I used rick-rack when joining the panels and I also used 2 different fabrics to see what that would look like.  I loved it.
I also made skirt for Lucy with a ribbon hem.  So fun and somewhat addicting.
Now my book shelves will be filling up with fun sewing books as I begin to immerse myself in all things sewn. 

Off to finish my first skirt with pockets.  The pockets turned out to be pretty simple but I am glad I waited to get some basic things figured out before I jumed into pockets.  What is next??  Button holes and eventually a zipper.  Tonight I may try a ruffle.  To think all this fun is brought to me by a needle and thread.

Anyone sew and have any good books to recommend or web sites to visit PLEASE let me know.

p.s a little note to my knitting projects...
I still love you and I will be back.  It's just that I have 4 little girls and me and we all LOVE wearing skirts.  Please be patient.  I will always love knitting!!


  1. I love your blog...I am a Catholic mother of three girls, and we all love skirts! I have made quilts for the last 10 years, and just started making clothes a couple of years ago....and love it soooo much more than quilts. You will get addicted to making your girls and yourself clothes!

  2. Wow! Very Impressive!! You did a GREAT job.

  3. I'm a sewer myself, but like you, am self taught for the most part. I keep a trust "Sewing for Dummies" around and if I'm doing something particularly tricky, I hate to admit it...GOOGLE! :) Good luck!

  4. Hey Lisa. Catching up on you, Pete and the family. Still loving your blog, well you know that I Love You too!! Anyhow, there is a website,, it has all kinds of stuff to make, skirt, knitted things, and a lot of free stuff. They sell downloadable patterns, usually quite easy. Hope you are all doing well! Love to you all:)