Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yarn Along

I promised a good yarn along.  Although it may be uneventful for most of you.  However, this is by far my proudest knitting moment.  I first would like to introduce you to the most wonderful yarn I have ever met.  This yarn was the recommended yarn for the easy baby cardigan out of More Last Minute Knitted Gifts book.  I liked the look the yarn when I saw it in the book but I had no idea the amount of adoration I would have for this yarn.  Before you peek at the splendid glory of this yarn let me give you some background...

Pete was out of town last week staying right next to an AMAZING yarn store in Old Town Alexandria.  He said he would pop in and grab me some yarn if I told him what I wanted.  I was so excited because I knew this yarn store sold really cool yarn.. So I asked him to pick me up 3 hanks of The Fibre Company Terra in olive leaf and a size 8 circular needle.  He was happy to have a specific plan.

..even after he saw the price....

I would like to think the beauty of this yarn intoxicated him upon seeing it because he happily brought me home 3 hanks of this splendid glory...

Can you see this yarns' amazingness?  Is it coming through clearly?
But here comes the exciting part...this yarn is for my baby..the baby I hope I am carrying.  I am making my first sweater!!! And so far.....

So good. 
I am clearly on the sleeves right now and I am just clickin' away...thrilled and excited to be working with this amazing yarn!!!

And it is official...I like stainless steel needles WAY better than bamboo.  I have so much more fun working with medal needles.  They just make my knitting feel smoother.  And that great guy of mine got me medal needles to work on this sweater. SWOON!!!
I am hoping to have this be the first of many baby sweaters!!! And if I could knit the world with this yarn I would be long as I had people chipping in!!!
In other, less exciting, knitting news..THIS IS MY HAT FROM LAST WEEK!!!  Not the product I was hoping to show you.  Here's what happened..I had the rib pattern down perfectly and then it was time to decrease...I was was late...but I decided to start the decrease anyway which was a little complicated. I BLEW it.  I made such a huge series of mistakes that my only course of action was RIP OUT THE ENTIRE THING!!!! I have just recently started the healing process on this one.  I will pick this up again very soon!!!!I will not be beat on decreases...I repeat I will not be beat on decreases!!!

And after reading one knitters blog last week where she shared her washcloth projects for her children I was inspired to knit up some washcloths for my bathing beauties. But it takes me twice as long on bamboo needles so it could be next years Easter baskets that see these washcloths.

And this is my Emily's finished project.  She has knitted 2 wrist warmers that just need to be seemed.  Her teacher will walk her through that next class.  She is so excited!!

And speaking of Emily's knitting teacher..this amazing handmade shawl was knit by Emily's teacher's 11 year old sister.  I bought it from her.  She made this piece to sell and I snatched it up right away...this girl is so talented she  could be the next Debbie Bliss..I am not kidding.  I want to be one of her first customers!!! Sorry Abby for the poor photography of this masterpiece..but you see I had to be wearing it when I took the picture..I have a hard time taking it off..even for a picture!!!

In other non knitting is Mardi Gras around here and we are in full swing!!!

Emily has totally gotten into it this year and decided to politely ask the Bead Throwers to make her a happy parade girl!!

She did really good with her bead hall after she waved her sign...we have a weekend full of parades in front of us....I have not figured out how to bring my camera to the parades..things get pretty crazy and I usually have to shield myself from being pelted with moon pies...I will try next time. You guys have to see this.


  1. Yarn along is NOT helping my yarn addiction AT ALL!! I adore the Olive Leaf yarn! I am writing down that company right now!! And I am glad you mentioned about the bamboo needles vs. stainless steel. I use bamboo, but don't like how it feels, yet I worry about dropping stitches on the steel...I guess I'll just need to practice on the steel more :).

  2. O my goodness, I love your blog. I just spent 30 minutes of my day looking at all of your posts. I'm suffering from yarn lust with that olive Leaf yarn. I wish the computer screen had a petting feature.

    Blessings to you and your family. I feel so blessed to have "met" you!

  3. Congrats on the sweater and the little one!

  4. That is stunning yarn. Little by little I am becoming a yarn-snob, and I can't afford to be! I am currently knitting with Noro Silk Garden (discounted discontinued colorway) and am itching for some buttery Malabrigo handpainted...

  5. Beautiful little sweater -- yes, beautiful yarn. Pretty little washcloth, too. Keeping you, and you little one, in prayer.

  6. Wow! Your knitting has really taken off! I need to hit the needles!! I've been a slacker! So hard to find the time.

  7. Love the yarn and what a great baby sweater!