Friday, March 11, 2011

What Am I Going To Wear The Rest of My Life?

During one of my crying jags this week I turned to Pete and said, "Now that I have no new baby coming..what am I going to do with the rest of my life?  The kids are almost grown and then it is all over."

Pete looks at me, blinks, swallows hard.."Lease, Priscilla is only 2 and still in diapers. You have a long way until you need to think about what you are going to do with the rest of your life."

Really? Because some days it all seems to be going really fast.  And even though I know some days are hard as hard can get, I know they are numbered.  I know that I will not be worshipped by all 5 of them much longer.
In the mean time I look at these pictures and they make me smile and help me remember to marinate in each minute.

However, in the moments between the sweet memories being made and juice being spilled on the floor, I am still a 35 year old woman who struggles with all things girl.  And right now I am in a fashion SLUMP!!

Like slump would be a nice way of saying.."this sista' lost her style".  And then I have to ask myself..have I lost my style or do I just hate the style that is now in fashion?  By the way, what is in fashion?  I can't seem to figure this out right now.
My personal taste is me wearing skirts, or dresses ALL THE TIME.  I have nothing against jeans, or pants.  I just feel much more comfortable in a skirt.  But even skirts can look dumpy and wore out..and that is where me and my skirts are.
I have tried to shop over the last few weeks.  Just add a few items to freshen things up but I can't seem to give my money away.  I can't find anything that suits me.  The thing is I need to be practical.  The uniform that I wear each day needs to be stain proof, attractive, flattering to a  tummy who has seen it's share of baby fat, something easy to move in, and can be worn with flip flops. 
There is no "style" that fits that description.  I am searching...and I am coming up EMPTY HANDED.
And so far I realize I have just completely disregarded the last 2 Sunday's Gospel readings.  Two weeks ago I  distinctly remember Jesus telling me not to worry about the clothes I wear. And we know I already complained about my sacrifice for lent.
Oh well, I will try and do better. 
 I have already made it through day 3 with no OJ and I will wake up tomorrow with hope that an outfit will emerge that knocks my stylish socks off....


  1. I too have the hardest time with fashion. After our 3 kids I felt like I hadn't shopped in forever! When I finally ventured back into a mall I couldn't believe the costs! It is sooo hard finding the right "uniform." Especially when you still have little ones! Good luck my friend.

  2. 1) dark denim skirt
    2) black matte jersey skirt

    Both work with flip flops and can be dressed up or down.

  3. This is cute and versatile: (sorry the link is so LOOOOONG)

    This is cute, too:

  4. You need to learn to sew, then you can make fun skirts for cheap! You could even make matching ones for you and all your girls!