Monday, March 21, 2011

A Quick Trip

I am sitting here anticipating a short trip to Virginia . I am going to a pre-construction meeting with the people building our house.
They tell me where each outlet is going and how much each coat of paint costs...
I can't wait.  When Pete and I went to Virginia in January we fell in love with a neighborhood that was just getting started.  We were hesitant on doing a new built house until we found a floor plan that is perfect for our growing family.
We are not growing at this EXACT minute, but there is a chance it can happen in the future.  With this particular floor plan you had the option of adding an additional bedroom and loft combination off the top level....
We were sold.  We can make a lot of bedrooms come to life in this house and that is what we were looking for.  I did not want a monster house, I wanted the right house and I think we got pretty close.
But right now all we have is excavated dirt and a hopeful home owner on her way to Virginia for less than 48 hours.  This trip is a lot more expensive than the trips I took in the winter.  I guess people like to travel in the spring.  When I went in Jan and Feb rental cars were 15$ a they are $45 a day...ouch.
So a quick trip this will be..I will be back Wednesday!


  1. Have fun and be safe! I love the pictures, too.

  2. Good luck on your quick trip!

  3. My mom and dad have done a couple new builds Lisa- if you need any advice give them a call! If you don't have their number e-mail me.

    Love- Jacki Lyons

  4. How exciting, Lisa! Congratulations! In what area will you be?