Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Little Bit Of Green

I figured you guys were TIRED of seeing millions of pictures of my today I will share with you my favorite baby in the world right now and her loving brothers.  This baby is the sweetest, happiest little peanut and I want one just like her..really bad.
And the owner of that little piece of heaven is my friend know the one I mentioned earlier....

She stopped by today to see if Jack could play with her boys.  Jack hopped in the car.  They drove down the road and he told her he had to throw up so she promptly brought him back home to me where he  stood  by his word and threw up....

All of them were so cute all in green I had to take some pictures.   I have been wanting to take Katie's picture for awhile now.  I wish I had a better background...but those boys had the best smiles I decided who cares about the background.

And look there is even some green mold on the house in back of this sweet smiling boy...that was not even planned...lucky me!

And even more mold with this big smile.

And never one to be left out of a photo shoot...

And oh my is this girl LOVED ON!!!  She is picked up by her brothers so much and even lovingly dropped by them every once in a while.  I believe the current addition to Katie's forehead is compliments of a certain older brother.

This was all I could get before meltdowns began and more vomiting.  But this was my favorite...

I have to say..this is one loved mama.  All those boys and now her sweet baby girl.  She is a great mama and she NEVER gives herself credit for being just that.
But I am here to say...
YOU ARE A GREAT MOM and those kids certainly know it and so do I!!

And and check this out...

Lucy was playing along side these very busy CLEAN boys and take a look at her..

And please ignore Priscilla eating a leaf....


  1. Love it all! Especially my precious godchildren, Katie & Michael! Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you.

  2. You have a great blog. Thank´s for sharing those cute pictures... have a blessed lenten time. Greetings from Germany, Nicole.

  3. So many sweet faces all clad in green! It was like my priest said in mass on St. Patty's morning "It is a glorious thing to be Catholic and Irish all at the same time!"