Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nothing Much....

I have started this post 3 times already.
I thought about sharing how I gave up OJ for lent and I can't believe it has only been 2 days.  This will take some AMAZING grace to make it 40 days.  But who complains on day 2 especially when the reading for Ash Wednesday was about not being a "fast and belly ache" type of Christian...oopps?

Then I started to tell you guys how all day my brain writes blog post after blog post,  but when I sit down in front of the computer my mind goes blank.
Then I thought you all would like to know I got a new laptop and the little mouse clicker thing is really hard to work with and I am ready to ice my clicker finger....but really, WHO CARES????

So....this is the best I can come up with tonight..... 

 pictures of my Jack....getting his baseball game on.
He kills me with every ball he hits and catch he makes.  And the guy helping him looks pretty sweet too.


  1. We're getting our baseball game on over here too!

  2. Ahhh! Sweet Baseball and Spring....

  3. Hey Lisa, just catching up today and got your sad news.... again. Please feel this long-distance embrace, pal! It's not just the loss of a child, it's also the loss of the plans that despite your history, you know you still made, right? You were planning on packing at x months, the move at x months along, starting school in your new place at x months, and then having a new baby to dress up at Halloween and Christmas. All those things you could practically feel already happening.... Every once in a while I think of our little guy (maybe?) that didn't make it between these two beautiful girls I have and I am excited to meet him in heaven someday. The girls and I talk about him fairly often really. The thing that helps the most, even though I am truly not sad anymore, or weepy or anything... just nostalgic I guess.... is to think that if God had let that pregnancy go full-term and we had a little, live, loud person out of it, we probably would have never known Amelia. We would've stopped at two. I can't imagine NOT having this little girl wake me up every morning with her piercing, plaintive voice asking "where is everyone?", so I am happy that we do. Y'know?