Monday, March 14, 2011

New Dishcloths

We never have people over anymore.  Once we moved into this little house with no backyard we found it hard to invite people over to the little dirt patch we call home.
But we love having people over.  Not just because we have the company and good conversation, but we buy special soda for the kids and I cook things with 3 pounds of cheese.
The kids love when we have company....the fact that they get to eat chips from a bowl and they get to sample several dips is enough to keep them begging for nightly company.  And recently we addedt he extra treat of soda to the mix.  We call it children's wine and they get so excited.

This weekend we had over a Coast Guard couple with their 2 kids.  There was a boy in the other family and Jack was thrilled.  Lucy immediately bonded with the dad and we had to peel her off of him several times during the night.
Should I worry that Lucy, age 3, latches on to every good looking man she sets her sights on???? mmmmm
During the day when we were getting everything ready for company I realized we had no more wine glasses.
Pete offered to run to the Dollar store to get me some...I thought I would take it up a notch and go to Target to buy a little nicer ones.  I grabbed the girls and ran up to Target.  While I was there I grabbed some new dishcloths.  Emily looks at me and says, "Mama, you must be really excited to be having company because you are even buying new rags."

Well she was right...I was so excited I bought new rags.  I'm an exceptional hostess..what can I say?
I do get excited when people come over.  I love asking lots of questions and getting to glimpse inside another persons family.  But this night I am afraid I did a lot of I think too much...
I had a kind of lonely week, still sad from certain event,s so by Saturday night I was ready to have a little fun.
I chatted A LOT...and I was kinda jumping from one topic to another.  I was like a new puppy.  And I begged her to come back and give me another chance. I promised  I would be much less chatty next time. 
I love do-overs!!


  1. You have the best energy, Lisa! Maybe you could move to NC instead and we could be friends. :) I could use some of your bubbly energy!

  2. Love the way you "Plog" (pictures + blog). And you always have something interesting to say so I sure your guests loved the conversation! We had a "crawfish boil" yesterday with lots of friends over and yes, it renews the spirit to have good food and friends together. I hope you are feeling better from your difficult month....lots of prayers are coming your way!

  3. Lisa, you're so funny! I have no doubt that the couple LOVED hearing everything you had to say. I know I would! Wish you lived closer and we could have you over for dinner! We have good "kid"wine over here...aka root beer in a bottle :))