Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Poor Friend

I feel bad for my friend Elizabeth.  I am not sure if she still reads my blog because she does not need to.  I would understand if she was no longer counted amongst my faithful readers.

The reason she does not need to read the my blog is because she hears most of my thoughts and ramblings all the time.  I joyfully bump into her throughout the week, and when I do I waste no time telling her my every thought since the last time we saw each other.  That is just me.  I am not much for small talk...

For example, today we saw each other outside of the home school art class our kids go to.  She casually asks me  "what's going on?" She is probably thinking I should say something like..."not much"....
But no...I actually tell her what is going on..

And at that exact moment I was thinking about Pete and the date we were going on tonight.  I proceeded to tell her that we got a babysitter tonight.  I shared with her the fact that  I think Pete and I need to practice being alone together with no errand or task in front of us.  I enjoy his company most of all..but sometimes I think I need practice having fun with him. 
I have read for years the importance of couple's going out together on a regular basis and how it is really good for your marriage.  Pete and I have gone out throughout the years but nothing regular or reliable.  It could be months between a date.  But we recently found a babysitter who lives down the street and does not charge a fortune.
So now I am ready to move into the phase of life that I get to practice having fun with Pete and really perfect the art of dating my husband.
When Pete reads this he will laugh at me and say, "Lease, you don't need to practice having fun with me." But I think of practicing different in this situation..It is more like practice being present in the moment with him...just him.  Practicing the ability to leave home at home and be where we are, just us, alone!

And all of this I shared with my dear friend within the span of 3 minutes outside art class.  And thus the reason she does not need to read this blog...or many others like it. I tell her everything before I press publish.
And what to do when I move?  Who will I call everyday asking what time this or that starts?  Who will tell me that Mass is at 5:30 instead of 5:00?  Who will put up with my deep thoughts while standing in the exit line at church?
Sometimes I walk away from a conversation with her promising myself I will no longer give her in depth insight into every thought that crosses my brain.....she can actually get on with her day nicely if I just gave her a simple..
"not much" every now and again. 
And we all know if she ever wanted to know more of what I was thinking she could pop over here and read every detail....
As always...thanks for reading!!


  1. hahah, you are such a dear. this was a great post. I love that you want to practice having fun with your husband. That's so adorable and I'm sure lots of people desire that!!

  2. Good reminder for all of us! So easy to get caught up in everyday life and forget to have FUN! Your photos are amazing ~ I am wondering what lens you used for the ones in this post. They are so crisp and clear...I am STILL working on getting those photos! Do you have any websites that might help me?

  3. Babsitters
    My sister-in-law lives in your neighborhood (at least from what I can tell from your posts) and she is a great babysitter and reasonable too. She lives on Bienville street. Please let me know if you would like her info.
    BTW I love reading your blog. I checked it out off Molly Hubble's blog. I wish you all the best. lbvrazel at

  4. So pleased you are getting a date! And it's right we need to practice - time can be rare when we get to focus completely on our husband rather than the many other things we have to attend to. I hope you have fun!