Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lake Front Property..Who Knew?

We are SO ALABAMA!!!  And I mean that lovingly.  When we have rain..we HAVE RAIN.
Our street FLOODS really bad..and when it does it takes all of my effort to keep my little ones in their clothes and out of the water.

Today was a half success..I kept them in their clothes...but not out of the water.
And finally, thank you to everyone who commented, prayed and sent e-mails.  My heart is so full of hope and I know that God's plan is greater than my own.  What really breaks my heart is there are women out there who suffer miscarriage after miscarriage and they have no little people to keep out of the rain.  So my heart break continues but mostly for the mama's who NEVER get to hold even one of their babies. 


  1. That is so cool and funny - it reminds me of playing in the rain with my cousins growing up in the mountains of NC - one time we slid down a red clay ditch on our bottoms in the rain - I remember it was such slippery fun and that we had NO idea that we were doing anything wrong - needless to say our Moms were not happy - can you imagine 7 sets of filthy clothes permanently stained with red clay...

  2. Happy that you are feeling better! Keep looking at those little ones!

  3. What incredible weather! Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Yikes! That water must look so inviting to your kiddos! Continued Blessings and Prayers.

  5. Lisa, we just read your last post. So sorry for your loss. We are thinking of you all!