Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 Facts About Me and My Better

1.  Pete and I went to High School together and he signed my year book.

2.  I love how strong his legs are

3. In the beginning when he was not sure he wanted to go out with me I purposely began dating another friend of worked!

4.  Our song is "Sleepwalk" which later became Publixs' theme song.

5.  We got married twice because the first time was done in secret.

6.  Neither of us were fabulous Catholics.  The extent of our religious converation prior to marriage was..."Are you catholic?  My mom will kill me if I don't get married in a catholic church"

7.  I was to young to drink the first time we got married...20!!

8.  I used to sit on the same side of a booth with him at restuarants because I could not get enough of him..I wanted to inhale him. Now that seat is always taken with another gal.

9.  I sometimes think he took a real gamble marrying me.  I was not much of a catch.  But I loved him so much I wanted to become a better person for him. 

10.  I want to be the person he thinks I am.

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  1. #7 and #8 are totally Eddie and I :) Thanks for sharing your list. I played along, too. Pop on over for a visit :)

  2. I loved your list. I will have to do one some day as I too met my husband in high school and have been married 28 years.
    The only thing is please don't say Pete took a gamble on you. You also took a gamble on him; that is how it is when you literally grow up together. You love him, take care of him and gave him wonderful children he obviously adores, is there really anything else anyone can want? Money and things come and go but true love makes life worth living. One day far in the future when the children are grown and it is just you and Pete again, that love grows again. My boys are teenagers and Scott and I have a lot more alone time now. We enjoy it still and still think each others company is the best. I wish the same for you too.
    Going to go work on my list now.....

  3. This reminds me SO much of my husband and I. We met in the 5th grade and lived up the street from each other, and had a few times growing up that we talked to each other or hung out. But we really did not get to know each other until our Biology class in high school. That is where it all began. We got married at 19, and it also was done in secret. Although, our situation was a little different. I was a protestant, and he was catholic. But we both did not truly know the Lord. It was just our religion or church that we were raised sometimes going to. But God got a hold of both of our hearts in high school and transformed us in ways that only He could do. He rescued us from the road of destruction we were on and came down and saved us and gave us a firm place to stand. He is so good. We now have that sweet, sweet relationship with Him and rely on Him daily and depend on Him in all things. We now know that the Scripture is the truth, and He speaks to us through His Word. We are So thankful to know Him and to raise our children in Him. We are both Protestant now. When we came to the Lord, we just began going to church where we were invited to go. It ended up being a really good church. We really did not understand the whole protestant/catholic problem. His parents did get upset, but now they are happy for us and so thankful that we have a relationship with Him. They see God working in our lives and know that we are where we are called to be. And we all respect one another. God is good! And I adore my husband- I thank God for Him. He is a blessing to me.

  4. Ditto the comments above - we have been married for 22 years and dated five before that....when you find the right one - you are blessed!