Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yarning Along As Pete Calls It

This last few weeks I have been doing more reading and just recently got my game on with knitting again.

I have read 2 pretty good books that are not pictured was The Reliable Wife.  That book was very..ummmm. passionate for me, but I finished it anyway to try and find out the need for all the "passion" described in the book.  As far as I can tell there was no reason...just lots of...passion.

Another book I read this last week was Little Bee..that was really good and NO PASSION WHATSOEVER.
And throughout the week I have visiting old stand by's....all my home school books and catholic rock star books.  Just looking for answers...hoping to find them with prayer and reading....and quiet knitting.

I finished 2 hats over the weekend.  One hat I JOYFULLY gave to my good friend Angela.  She is my Alabama Angel.  Her girls are my girls best friends and they spend a lot of time over at Angela's house.  Her house is that type of place..a place kids like to be.  As my Emily says, "It is so fun over can be as loud as you want and you won't wake up a baby."

This is the other hat I finished.  It is from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  This is my 2nd try at this hat...much better this time.  I still have to make the cord to lace through those little holes, but Lucy likes it just like this so I have not been super motivated.

Now on my needles is a hat for Molly.  I am knitting Soule Mama's Rosa hat.  So sweet.  I am still pretty foggy on the right type of yarn to use for certain patterns so I think this is NOT the right yarn.  But I know that with every knit that I make that is not right I am one step closer to knowing more about knitting

And a hard lesson I learned last night was the lesson of never leave live knitting UNGUARDED around Lucy June.  She destroyed Molly's hat last night by picking it up and playing with it.  I had to tear it up and start all over...AGAIN!!! 

Next up is a hat for Emily, a hat for me and my other fingerless glove.  After these 3 projects I am going to make a SHRUG from Louisa Harding's Little Cake...a little nervous...but I feel ready ...I think...

As a side note...the knitting store  I shop at advertised a big sale this weekend...I was so excited to go.  On Sunday I packed up ALL my kids and went to this GRAND sale...
What a disappointment.  You had to buy 10 skeins of yarn to get 20% off.  That is not my idea of a big sale? Am I wrong?  I was so annoyed. 


  1. Look at all that knitting you're doing! Lovely! That's not my idea of a sale either. I would have been way annoyed if I dragged all the kids down to the yarn shop for that.

  2. Very Best Wishes with the knitting! It all looks awesome! and...ummm...not much of a sale...

  3. Your knitting looks wonderful, Lisa! I was disappointed in the yarn sale as well, I was excited when I won a door prize only to learn that it was for a 2% discount, woooohooo!! Very disappointed!

  4. You'll do fine with the shrug. They are surprisingly easy but so cute!

  5. So many awesome projects! Your knitting does NOT look like a beginners, I think your gonna be fine with the shrug!

  6. the colorful yarn is awesome!!! wow :) and I really like the white hat :)

  7. You are NOT wrong, phooey on them! You probably wouldn't have been half so disappointed if you hadn't brought all the kids.
    But you sure have been a busy bee, all that passion aside, lol.

  8. Fabulous hats! I love the varigated yarn. And no I wouldn't call that a sale either. What a bummer.

    Blessings, Elizabeth

  9. What an irritating sale. I'll have to check out the shrug, I've been thinking about trying one for over my dresses at Mass in the summer and the variegated yarn is lovely!