Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What They Remember

Like the rest of the country weather has been kinda crummy here.  Not as bad as some places..but just GLOOMY....

We have been inside more than normal and kids get kinda goofy when they are cooped up with only mom to keep peace and order.

But, we have laid around chatting and acting silly.  During one of those moments when the little kids were acting...

let's just say, like little kids, I asked Emily is she remembered anything from when she was their age. 
She was so excited and answered me, "Yes, mama, I have such a clear memory from when I was little.  You were sitting on the couch in your PJ's watching something and I was at a small table eating play-dough and you kept yelling at me to stop eating it."

THAT IS WHAT SHE REMEMBERS?????  Are you kidding me?  The hours I spent creating a wonderful toddler world, taking her to playgroups, parks, nature walks, spending hours coloring, reading, baking cookies, whatever that child wanted..AND SHE REMEMBERS ME IN PJ's WATCHING TV YELLING AT HER!!!

This is painful on so many levels....First, I am NOT a TV watcher.  I have never been a sit around in my PJ's girl.  It is just not me.  Not that it hasn't happened..but I would have thought it happen less frequently than to create a lasting childhood image.

To what end I ask you??  You can turn yourself inside the supermom from FUNVILLE and they still have their own minds.

Who knows what the rest of them will CLEARLY remember..hopefully it is something a bit more flattering than me loafin' around watching the boob tube.


  1. She might remember that because it was so out of the ordinary from her usual life...or something like that. You never know what they'll take away from their childhood. That's why we blog, you see, so we can show them what a wonderful childhood they had. ;)

  2. I was just going to say the same thing as Joy! It probably really struck her because she never saw her mother laying around watching tv and yelling! And don't worry, she will definitely remember all the other AMAZING stuff you did too!

  3. Oh Lisa, that is classic! Made me snort right out loud at the computer!