Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Kinda Sorta Know Where We Are Going...But Not Really

So, finally today we got some unofficial, official news...
Pete got picked up for the MBA Grad school program.
(the picture above has nothing to do with what I am about to talk about..excuse the randomness of the photos.  I had nothing specific to go with this occasion)

This is super exciting news and it tells us so much, while telling us VERY little.  For those of you not in the military you may not understand some of this info, and neither do I most of the time.  Basically the year you are due to transfer a jobs list comes out.  It lists all the jobs that are opening for the next transfer season.

You look at the "shopping list" and then you put together your "dream sheet".  Your dream sheet lists, in order, what jobs you would like to have.  Pete's dream sheet was something like this:
1. Overseas Liason Officer ..Africa Com( located in Germany)
(3 more jobs just like this one)
2.  District 11 Jobs (Washington DC)

Fast forward the last few weeks, we find out that Pete is being considered for the Germany seriously.  But we had already visited Virginia and I had fallen in love.  We get back from Virginia and he takes his name off the short list for Germany.  The detailer (that is the guy in charge of assigning jobs) yells at Pete..."You ninny, why did you take your name out of the hat  for Germany?"
(he may not have said fact I am POSITIVE he did not say ninny)

We spend the rest of that evening praying and considering our options and decide we feel good about saying no to Germany.  We want D.C!! After telling the detailer NO THANK YOU to Germany he tells Pete he is MOST likely going to DC.  We are excited about this so we started to pursue a house pretty seriously. 

Meanwhile, months ago Pete decided to put in for the MBA Grad School program.  We kinda thought it was a long shot because Pete is a bit higher ranked than most of the candidates for the program (aka ..too old).  He studied for the GMAT, submitted a package and we crossed our fingers.

Two months later we get word that he is an alternate for the MBA Grad School program.  Great!!  Very excited and all...but that still told us NOTHING about where we would be going next.  Nonetheless, Pete felt very honored to even be considered.  But basically we forgot about it and moved on with the thought of moving to DC and Pete working at Coast Guard Headquarters.
Until this week.  Pete gets a call Monday..
"Pete your going to Grad School!!!"
You get paid to get your MBA for the next 18 months...we are SIKED!!!

So now, this is what we know...
Pete got Grad School.  He is applying to George Mason University in Fairfax VA.  We are hopefully going to be moving there and then doing a 4 year payback tour in the DC area.
If GMU does not work out we may be going to Syracuse, NY....
If Syracuse does not work out, we may be going to Chesapeake VA to Old Dominion....
And that is why we kinda, sorta, but not really know where we are going...

But this is what I really want to post about.....
Do you guys remember the show JAG.  The show about a jet pilot that turned navy lawyer.  My parents LOVED that show.  Pete always hated it.  He thought it was so cheezy..a guy who flies jets and is a lawyer...come on.  I always thought, how could he be both for the Navy..a pilot and a JAG?
But I get it now.
Pete graduated the Coast Guard Academy, went to flight school became a pilot, flew for 14 years, and now in 2 years he can run the finance office for the Coast Guard....people change.  What they want to do changes.  I am super proud of Pete and I feel bad for all the wise cracks we made at the show JAG..I get it now!


  1. If you are used to military life, "Kinda sorta" must be the norm, kinda sorta scares me. You are a brave gal.
    I know what you mean about the JAG. I have a very good friend who was an aviator for the Air Force and now he is a lawyer in the JAG Corps.
    Nothing wrong with being over qualified in this day and age.

  2. You have lots of exciting stuff going on! Congratulations to Pete! You never know where life is going to take you.

  3. I am a reader of your blog but don't think I've ever commented. Oh how I can feel your excitement!! I too am a Coastie wife, in fact my husband just retired from the Coast Guard last year. (He is now a full time student.) I know so many of the places you talk about. I grew up in Northern Virginia, I graduated from Old Dominion University (because my husband was stationed in Portsmouth when we were first married), I have lived in Alaska and I know the tandem excitement and anxiety you feel when your future is in the detailer's hands. I have to say there is nothing like living near DC (my husband was at CG Headquarters for 4 years)...what a wonderful hands on education for kids, and adults alike. I am wishing you and your family a wonderful adventure.

  4. As a 19 year military wife, I know of what you speak. :) We currently live in Virginia Beach, so I'm hoping that ya'll end up here at ODU. :) Although, my hubby is retiring in June after 25 years, so we might be gone by the time you get out here to VA, whether it be the DC area of the Hampton Roads area.

    We attend the Navy Chapel on Little Creek Amphib base... I know they would welcome you with open arms if you decided to check it out. They even have a small CG detachment on LIttle Creek. Just sayin'. :) Of course, that's assuming you move HERE. lol

  5. Congratulations! Such excitement for you all! Blessings.

  6. Congratulations Pete!
    I'm rooting for George Mason (of course)!!!!

  7. I'm so glad you finally have some idea of how to plan. I will miss you terribly friend but know you are going on to the next chapter in your life as a family. *Hugs*
    On another note...why aren't you answering your phone today? and why aren't you taking calls today? and why are you unavailable today? And WHERE are YOU?
    On another note, I'm guest posting for rants again!! I have a sneak peek of the post on my blog today!!
    Oh, and CALL YOUR FRIEND!!

  8. Congratulations! That is very exciting news. Good luck with your move...wherever it may be!