Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Do I Call This Post?

Tonight is one of those nights when I feel like shouting to the world....


I just have that thought tonight.  And to sit here and think back over the last few days it is hard to remember just how many bottles of children' Motrin I have gone through...but I love it!!!  I love each teaspoon of hard work that I squeeze out of myself each day!!!
I love being the one THEY ALL need.  They need me...They love me and they can't imagine life without me!!! How lucky am I?  Exactly what did I do to deserve this?  I know these feelings and waves of emotion are "easy come..easy go"...but when that feeling is here I just soak in it!

On nights like tonight I don't care if certain pictures are blurry..because I can still hear the laugh that was being chuckled the moment I snapped this picture.  I want to remember the blurry moments. I need to remember them so when I have CRYSTAL clear moments..I really appreciate them.

And you have to have some when a good shot comes along you know to enjoy it.
And I am enjoying it!

Each meal I make...each nose I wipe..each hug I give, I am a better person for it.  I love this job!!  I love this life.  I get to do this every day!

I sit in this quiet house right now..7:44 on Wednesday night, all my people are in bed..sicker than you can imagine.  And I sat down thinking.."I have not blogged in awhile".  But sometimes I have nothing to say.  Sometimes I am too busy living life to sit down and reflect on it. And most of the time you all are too busy to read it anyway, but I can't stay away!!

But tonight I feel filled up..inspired and recharged.  I can do this!! I have done this.  Some moments come easier than  others...but I try in each moment.  I fail in lots of them..but I never stop trying!!!!

And every now an again I get to rejoice in the simple joys of my day; a finished dinner, a hug between sisters, a call from my Pete, a new blessing from God, a good book, a sloppy kiss, a broken fever!!!Success!!

And these days feel good...and they have to get me through the days that don't feel good.  But tonight I will go to bed happy !!! 
Just HAPPY!!

And hope to start this crazy life all over again tomorrow!!!


  1. Yours is the SWEETEST blog I've read today!!!

  2. thank you for opening my eyes this morning and making me thankful! I hope your little ones are better!