Monday, February 21, 2011

Money and Yarn

I have been really good lately about staying on a tight budget.  We are a cash only operation so being tight means not being able to buy random skeins of yarn and various needle sizes..just in case.

It also means we cut back on all the kids activities because they cost a small fortune.

But recently I found myself weeping in my Cheerios because nobody loves me...I am lonely and all I do is stay home..s..t...r...e....t...c...h....i....n.....g.....$$$$$$ (insert a few tears, some snorting crying and you get the picture).
And then I realized something, sometimes money is meant to be spent!!!

If I am sad and lonely and don't get out to do anything  I HAVE NOBODY TO BLAME BUT MYSELF!! I am not justifying here...but sometimes there is a time when priorities need to be reassessed.  And I have officially reassessed.  We have 3 to 4 months left here.  I can spend that time feeling sad and detached, or I can engage and spend this time being part of the community I have lived in for 4 years.  I don't need to check out yet..there are still good times ahead.

I am assuming we will always feel the need to watch every dollar.  I figure I will always gasp when I have to fork over $90 to register 3 kids for a gymnastics class.  I figure right now..who needs lots of extra money hangin' around?  There is no time to spend it.  And then when we will have the time to spend, and the means to spend, there will be nobody left to spend it on.

But for now my checkbook is smokin' from the action it saw today.  We are back in the game folks...I am not through yet.  I have some Mobile life left in me.  I just needed to prove to myself I could save money and not say yes to every desire I had enter my brain.  I did it...I said no to lots of things.  I went without.  I am now in search of the great "sweet spot" between saving, spending and living....
The eternal quest for more money saved and more yarn purchased!!!!


  1. I can relate to this! When I'm spending too much my husband calls it a "code four!" Our codes go from 1-4, with 1 being really good. Silly I know. We just laugh mostly. Our song has always been "Eventhough we aint got money...I'm so in love with you honey." Delayed gratification is a hard one for me. But I too am doing better.

  2. Lisa, this is your Aunt Abby. I am very happy to hear about your pregnancy! But am very sorry you are spotting and for so long. I know your friends are being supportive & wanting you not to worry; and this had happened to other women, but you NEED to see your Dr. and discuss this with him. Their are treatment options. They can give you progesterone cream to build your lining & help that baby. They may also be able to give you some drugs. You don’t just have to go on spotting with God and God alone at your side. You have options other than ‘wait and see’ and ‘just have faith.’ Faith is wonderful, but I sometimes feel people encourage too strongly to have faith alone and not to seek out the tools God gives you to help yourself and your family. God gave us doctors and drugs, use them to your best advantage. If it weren’t for those drugs, Mary never ever would have made it.