Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Can Be Spelled . D....I...S...H...E....S

My expectations for silly Hallmark holidays has been known to be a bit..."unobtainable".  In the past I have been known to expect just a little something

And this always surprises Pete.  He has been shocked for 15 years now that I like to celebrate...ME!!!

Oh well...yesterday during Pete's pre-Valentine prep he says to me..."So lease...what are we talking about here for Valentines day"

Just feeling so loved by the question alone, I told him..."Hon, don't even worry about about we call the upgraded cabinets my Valentines this year?"

The relief was displayed all over his face.  But really..this year I had NO expectations.  Pete shows me he loves me by being the dad and husband he is EVERYDAY!!  Thankfully I think I have grown up a bit.

But what really got me today..what really said LOVE very loudly, was her!!!
This sweet girl who helped her mama this morning fix breakfast, serve breakfast and then do all the breakfast dishes.  That melted my heart and made me feel amazingly loved.  What a gift, an act of kindness, a  thought for someone else.  What a great Valentine's Day!!


  1. that is the perfect mommy valentine gift!

  2. Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day! It is so much more meaningful than any material gift. Blessings!

  3. How very sweet! A great way to spread the Valentine's love. :)