Monday, February 7, 2011

I Am Full Of Surprises

When my mom was here a few weeks ago I gave her the shock of her life one day during lunch....

I pulled out a bib!!

Her mouth dropped open and for a moment she was speechless....


I do have them....but I am NOT good at using them.

It is not that I love having kids with dirty faces, it's just that if I have to let anything slide it is going to be ketchup on a chin.

My mom is the EXACT opposite.  She would turn around after a half hour drive if she forgot her bib.

I have just learned to appreciate the time between meals when a clean face is a bit more likely to occur.

I wish I could say, "Well I have 5 kids..I don't have time for a bib."

But I was a non bib bringing mama long before this happy face graced our family.

So, sorry to all the people who are horrified when they see kids with goop on their faces.  I have my strong points as a mom, using bibs is not one of them.


  1. Hear, hear! I actually was pretty militant about bibs, because messy clothes irritate me, but my kids still always had messy faces. I might wipe a really bad face at the end of the meal, but until I could send my youngest to wipe his own face, somebody almost always had a messy mouth. Just not high on the priority list. :)

  2. I am the worst at bibs. the worst. once in a blue moon I tie a dish rag around Judah's neck if it's breakfast and I like his like 3x so far. ha!

    she's cute even with a messy face :)

  3. Not to worry, you're in good company. I have 5 kiddos and I only used bibs with my first child. I think the only reason I used them was because someone made them for me, I certainly didn't go out and buy them. know you're going to end up doing tons of laundry anyway, bib or not.

  4. Super cute! even with the goop!...